Gold Bracelets

Elegant & Unique

All that glitters is gold – and N-Style ID’s assortment of gold medical ID bracelets adds a dazzling, distinctive addition to anyone’s appearance. Designed for elegant everyday use, our gold medical ID bracelets have something for everyone.

From our Garland Gold bracelet to our dainty Grace Gold design to 14k medical alert bracelets, the N-Style ID gold bracelet collection offers more than a dozen beautiful designs. Highly sought after, this assortment of bracelets and gold medical alert charms represents the finest jewelry craftsmanship in the medical ID jewelry industry today.

With N-Style ID’s gold medical ID bracelets, carrying your important medical information with you no longer has to come at the cost of wearing an unattractive medical ID chain. We offer a wide selection of stylish and contemporary gold medical alert bracelets to add a touch of class to every occasion, while ensuring that you’re always prepared in the event of an emergency. With fashionable designs that include white and yellow gold, chains, bangles, charms and more, N-Style ID brings you plenty of stylish looks to match your personality.

An emergency can occur at any time, and if you or someone you love needs to carry medical details with them at all times, N-Style ID’s gold medical bracelets are the perfect solution. From allergies to medications, to emergency contact details and more, each gold medical alert bracelet is custom engraved with the important details needed by first responders, doctors and other medical personnel. If more extensive details are required, our custom medical bracelets can include instructions to refer to our free medical ID card, which can be conveniently kept in your purse or wallet.

Find a Gorgeous Gold Medical Alert Bracelet

Our large collection of gold medical alert bracelets includes a wide variety of styles to suit every occasion and prices to fit every budget. From stunning 14k white and yellow gold bracelets for when you’re dressed to impress, to fun and playful gold-plated chains, you can find a look that suits the day and your personality. You can also choose a gold medical alert bracelet with an interchangeable bracelet, so that you can swap out your favorite styles depending on the look and feel you want. Many of our gold medical ID bracelets are also studded with beautiful diamonds, rubies and sapphires if you’re looking to add a colorful flourish to your jewelry. 

Once you’ve selected the medical alert bracelet that matches your personality, we offer free custom engraving for your vital medical details. And if you plan to order more than one or give multiple bracelets as a lovely gift, we also offer free shipping on large orders. We also offer a quality guarantee on all of our orders, so should you find any defects in your bracelet beyond the normal wear and tear, we’ll fix it or replace it for free or offer you a return of 100% of your purchase price.

With N-Style ID’s gold medical alert bracelet you’ll always feel confident knowing that you’ll always look your best and be prepared in the event of an emergency. And that extra peace of mind is hard to put a price tag on.

If you’d like to order a distinctive gold medical ID bracelet for yourself, or you’re interested in ordering one for a friend or loved one, N-Style ID gold bracelet consultants are here to assist you. Simply call our customer service line to learn place an order, get more information and more. Our number is (877) 445-0030. Plus, the N-Style ID contact page has a secure message portal where you can ask us about our gold identification bracelets. We realize that a gold medical ID bracelet is a special purchase, and our team is here to help in any way possible.


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