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Medical ID Bracelets and Medical ID Jewelry from N-Style ID

Stylish Medical ID Bracelets you will Love

N-Style ID offers quality medical ID bracelets and medical alert jewelry that is stylish, contemporary, and potentially life-saving. If you or someone you care about live with a serious medical condition, life-threatening allergy, or other major health concern that would require special attention in an emergency, N-Style medical alert bracelets and medical alert jewelry provide the perfect accessory for every occasion. With original, fashionable, and versatile options suitable for every age and personality, our medical ID bracelets deliver vital health information in an attractive way that will encourage those who need them to wear them every day.

We know what it’s like to live with the threat of a serious medical condition – in fact, that’s how N-Style ID founder Toni Bissell started our company in the first place! We also understand the fear & frustration associated with conditions like diabetes, seizures, autism, allergies and more. However, our medical alert jewelry enables and empowers anyone suffering from a serious medical issue to embrace each day, live life to the fullest and celebrate their individuality.

We provide an extensive selection of stylish and contemporary medical ID bracelets, necklaces, and more, each of which is engraved with critical medical information vital to first responders.

Medical ID Bracelets that are Stylish, Fun, and Completely Original

Medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly at any moment, and, in some situations, you or your loved ones may not be able to communicate vital personal health details to medical providers or rescue teams. Fortunately, N-Style ID's medical alert jewelry ensure that you and your loved ones will not only be always prepared in the event of a serious event, but will be more likely to wear it at all times. Our medical alert bracelets feature a wide range of fun and original designs unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. Our medical ID jewelry ranges from upscale, sleek, and modern designs for a night out on the town, to playful and colorful charms that even the kids will enjoy wearing. Choose from a wide variety of unique looks for men and women, including bracelets, necklaces, and medical ID charms that can be added to existing pieces of jewelry.

Medical ID bracelets from N-Style ID are engraved free of charge with specific treatment instructions, allergy warnings, emergency contact information, and any other pertinent details. For those individuals with extensive medical instructions, we also offer a free medical ID card for your purse or wallet, which can be indicated on the tag you wear.

N-Style ID medical alert jewelry is all about style and substance. With a near-endless choice of dazzling designs and custom appointments to pick from, you’ll enjoy wearing your medical ID accessory for any occasion, whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event.

Our family business offers the highest quality and personalized customer service. We also offer free shipping on orders over $75, and provide a fast processing time to get our streamlined ordering system gets your order to you as quickly as possible.

N-Style ID is proud to bring you medical ID bracelets that will not only assist you in the event of an emergency, but also add a fun & stylish element to any attire. Chic style, custom design options, personalized info, peace of mind in the event of an emergency – N-Style ID medical alert jewelry offers significant benefits and a fun-to-wear factor that everyone regardless of age will love! Click on any of our popular medical alert jewelry designs above, or browse our selection of bracelets, necklaces, charms & ID tags and accessories.


Providing quality medical jewelry since 2000

Why Medical ID Jewlery is So Important

Medical emergencies can happen at any moment, and the key to making sure that we get the best care possible is by giving emergency personnel the information they need about our health and getting it to them quickly. That’s why adults and children with sensitive health concerns wear a medical necklace or bracelet with allergies and medication info.

Numerous medical organizations, including the American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Epilepsy Foundation and others recommend medical ID jewelry of some kind to help make medical professionals and emergency responders aware of patients’ medical needs. In short, medical IDs save lives and can help prevent serious injury or harm.

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Saved my life the first day i received it. Love it! I have epilepsy and I put my necklace on soon as I received it. Went to Wal-Mart... had a seizure. The necklace got me quick response and saved my life. Thank you!
- Wendy from Mississippi


It was really hard to get my 9 year old to wear the basic bracelets and necklaces that were on the market. I found your website and have ordered many bracelets for him since. They are durable, comfortable, stylish, and he wears them all the time.... You rock!
- Scherry M.


I have always refused to wear those ugly medical alert id tags before. Imagine my surprise when I found your site. While the cost was lower than other sites I looked at, the quality is astounding.
- Lee Ann G.

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