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Epilepsy Medical Id Bracelets


Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological problem, following migraine, strokes and Alzheimer's, and an estimated 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at sometime during their life. Epilepsy is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, when signals sent by the brain cells become disturbed or abnormal, resulting in seizures. Epilepsy occurs most often in early childhood or over the age of 60, but can develop at any stage of life.

Understanding the risk factors, symptoms and preventative measures and treatments are critically important to minimize seizures and complications. For someone with epilepsy, carrying important medical information on an epilepsy medical bracelet at all times is key to helping others provide assistance. Custom engraved epilepsy bracelets from N-Style ID can speak for epilepsy patients who are unable to speak for themselves, especially in cases where severe seizures cause disorientation or unconscious. Epilepsy medical alert bracelets can help get the medical attention needed in a timely manner. Epilepsy jewelry is particularly important for young children, who may not understand their own condition or may be unable to communicate their needs to an adult in the event of an emergency.

N-Style ID offers an extensive assortment of seizure alert bracelets for kids, teens and adults. With easy-to-recognize graphics and important medical information, our jewelry immediately notifies emergency response personnel to the unique care that epilepsy demands. In a medical crisis, mere seconds can make the difference between life and death. A medical ID bracelet, necklace or other ID tag gives any victim the best possible chance to receive proper medical attention. But our ID jewelry doesn’t simply serve one function; it’s a personalized style statement that enhances & complements any attire.

N-Style ID’s huge selection of stylish epilepsy bracelets, necklaces, and medical ID tags offer an easy way to prepare those who suffer from epilepsy for an emergency wherever they go. Medical personnel are trained to look for critical information, like that found on an epilepsy bracelet, when they arrive on the scene to quickly inform them of an individual’s condition, medications, allergies and more. We offer fashionable epilepsy and seizure alert bracelets to suit men and women, children and adults, and all personalities, so that you can feel confident knowing you and the ones you love are prepared for an emergency at all times.

Understanding the Causes of Epilepsy

Nearly half of all epilepsy cases have no identifiable cause, however, there are a number of factors that can lead to the disorder or increase its likelihood.

  • Genetics – Family history may increase the likelihood of someone developing epilepsy.
  • Head Injuries and Conditions – Brain tumors, strokes, and traumatic injury to the head can lead to epilepsy.
  • Diseases – Viral encephalitis, meningitis and other infectious diseases can sometimes cause epilepsy.
  • Prenatal Condition – Brain damage caused by a variety of factors during pregnancy can sometimes result in an epileptic condition.
  • Age – Individuals above the age of 60 and young children are at the highest risk.
  • Stroke/Vascular Diseases – Some vascular diseases and strokes can damage the brain leading to epilepsy.
  • Dementia – In older adults, dementia can increase the risk of epilepsy.
  • Childhood Conditions – High fevers and other medical condition can occasionally be a contributing risk factor.

Taking proactive and early steps to reduce risk factors and prepare for seizures are important ways to lead a fulfilling life with epilepsy. By wearing a custom engraved epilepsy bracelet, complete with vital instructions, medications and emergency contacts, you can help prepare yourself and those you care for in the event of an emergency. From fashionable stainless steel and gold epilepsy medical bracelets for adults to colorful, ultra light and jelly epilepsy jewelry for children, N-Style ID will help prepare you for living with epilepsy, while looking stylish wherever you go.

Accessories for anywhere, anytime, for any occasion – N-Style ID’s epilepsy jewelry is elegantly crafted and emergency-ready. If you live with epilepsy and would like to learn more about our customized jewelry, please give our epilepsy medical jewelry consultants a call at (877) 445-0030, or visit the N-Style ID contact page. Thanks for visiting our website!