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Why Medical IDs are So Important

Medical emergencies can happen at any moment, and the key to making sure that we get the best care possible is by giving emergency personnel the information they need about our health and getting it to them quickly. That’s why adults and children with sensitive health concerns wear a medical necklace or bracelet with allergies and medication info.

Numerous medical organizations, including the American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Epilepsy Foundation and others recommend medical alert jewelry of some kind to help make medical professionals and emergency responders aware of patients’ medical needs. In short, medical IDs save lives and can help prevent serious injury or harm.

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Medical Alert Jewelry that is Stylish and Fun – Finally!

Getting people to wear medical alert jewelry has always been a challenge, though. Not everyone likes the styles, color and feel of what they think of as traditional medical alert jewelry. Kids especially, who may not understand the necessity of a medical ID, often dislike wearing them. That can discourage them from wearing it at times, which leaves them less prepared in case of a serious medical event.

Problem solved. N-Style ID makes attractive medical alert bracelets for kids, teens, and adults:

There are hundreds of styles to choose from in collections aimed at every age group. N-Style ID has fun and durable medical alert bracelets for kids and an abundance of choices for adults. Children can express their unique personalities and ever-changing moods by choosing from medical alert bracelets with designs ranging from flames to rainbows and tiger stripes to peace signs.

N-Style ID also offers a variety of styles for men. A classic stainless steel or gold-plated link ID bracelet is stylish enough for business or formal occasions. Adjustable nylon Velcro medical ID bands are perfect for action sports and the gym. And, men can choose a dog tag on a chain as their medical jewelry.

Jeweled medical alert charms, beaded medical bracelets for women, and ID bangles are just a few of our many stylish choices for women. For a special evening out or a formal event, she may choose a 14k gold medical alert necklace with a heart-shaped medical alert ID. For more casual events, like a baseball game or a hiking trip, she might wear a rubber medical alert necklace, perhaps in the team’s color.

N-Style ID makes it easy to get stylish medical IDs:

Please browse our huge collection of medical identification jewelry—gorgeous pieces that everyone wants to wear.



Saved my life the first day i received it. Love it! I have epilepsy and I put my necklace on soon as I received it. Went to Wal-Mart... had a seizure. The necklace got me quick response and saved my life. Thank you! - Wendy from Mississippi


It was really hard to get my 9 year old to wear the basic bracelets and necklaces that were on the market. I found your website and have ordered many bracelets for him since. They are durable, comfortable, stylish, and he wears them all the time.... You rock! - Scherry M.


I have always refused to wear those ugly medical alert id tags before. Imagine my surprise when I found your site. While the cost was lower than other sites I looked at, the quality is astounding. - Lee Ann G.