TieDye Medical ID Band

The TieDye medical id bracelets for kids and adults are perfect for everyday wear. They are made of nylon webbing and adjustable with a plastic center push buckle. Even though this band is classified as medical bracelets for kids, it can also fit up to a size 7" wrist. Excess length may be cut and melted with a heat source to keep the webbing from fraying.
Simply order this tie die wristband complete with ID tag. Then shop our large selection of affordable kids medical bracelets without ID tags. Who wouldn't love having a bunch of different ID bracelets for each day of the week? They are all interchangeable and will transfer easily onto the ID! Engraving is printed on the back of the slider medical ID tag.

This medical bracelet is not recommended for children under 3.

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Customer Reviews (17)
Just want I needed
I have two other ID bracelets from N-Style that I wear while at work & going out. However, it dawned on me while at the gym that I needed something a little more casual for while I'm out hiking, fishing, camping, etc.. This tie-dye bracelet totally fit the bill. I'm not worried about getting it sweaty or dirty, or having it snag on anything - but as it's tie-dyed it still is fun to look at/wear. Thanks! Review by Carrie (Posted on 5/5/2017)
Well made and easy to adjust size. Review by Mags (Posted on 4/6/2016)
very pleased!
My son has a fatal bee allergy that is terrifying. This bracelet has brought me piece of mind, and I love that it is personalized. So I was able to put my number and that he needs an epipen shot in the event of a sting. It was well worth the money! Thanks! Review by donovan (Posted on 4/21/2015)
Our daughter loves it
My daughter was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The one thing she looked forward to was getting the band in the mail. She loves how it looks and is excited to show it to friends. We love the fact that we can switch out the bands and not have to keep replacing the metal portion. Review by Karen (Posted on 12/3/2013)
Loved it
The clasp is a little tiny, but otherwise, we love it! Review by JR (Posted on 9/30/2013)
My 6 year with type 1 diabetes is proud to show off his bracelet! Great construction and style! He has worn it everyday for the last 3 weeks! Review by Amy (Posted on 6/2/2013)
5 year Old Approved!
My 5 year old son has epilepsy, and is very self conscious about his condition and "being different". I ordered the bracelet primarily for when he is away from home at school, day camps, etc. It contains his first name, condition and our cell phone numbers. When I first told him about the bracelet, he was very sad because he didn't want to be reminded about his seizures. However when the tie dyed bracelet arrived, he was very excited to wear it. We chose "red" for medical emblem on the front and he thought it looked like a fire fighter's logo--which was even cooler still! He now puts it on when he wakes up and removes it when he gets home--although it is comfortable enough he could wear it all day. Review by LJ (Posted on 4/22/2013)
My daughter has a rare medical condition that requires immediate, specific assistance should she fall suddenly ill or become injured. I have had difficulty in getting her to wear any medical jewelry (etc) to assist with effective treatment. Since receiving her new bracelet, she refuses to take it off! She loves the colors and says it is very comfortable. It doesn't get caught in her clothing or get in the way (she is EXTREMELY active) like the other ones do. Thank you so much for finally giving me peace-of-mind and a smile to my daughter while providing such stylish products that are friendly to everyone. My other children are upset that they aren't "sick" enough to get one too! Thanks again! Review by Rebecca (Posted on 12/29/2012)
great item
This is a replacement band for my daughter with epilepsy. She loves tie dye and this was a great new band for her.
We have had bracelets from Nstyle for the last 3 years! she likes to be able to switch them out so I also ordered 2 new bands for Christmas.
Review by Beth (Posted on 12/11/2012)
My 9 year old son has a history of seizures. He helped pick out the tye-dye band and loves it. He is starting to go to friends' and family's houses for longer periods of time, so we feel better knowing that this critical information is always with him even if we aren't. Review by Kelle (Posted on 9/6/2012)
We got this for my daughter (6.5 yrs at the time). We were planning a trip to Disney World and I wanted some kind of identifying information on her since it is such a big place. I labeled this with her first name and last initial, home phone number, my cell phone number, and her dad's cell phone number. She knew her home phone number, but that was useless b/c the best number to call if she had gotten lost would have been my cell or her dad's cell number.
My daughter has Sensory Integration Disorder and is quite picky with how things fit. We do not have a problem with this bracelet. The size is also perfect for her, with plenty of room to grow. She is able to put it on and undo the clasp herself. While on our trip, I had her wear this daily (24/7). She even wore it in the pool. Once we returned from our trip, she still wears it often since she likes the look of it and thinks it’s cool to wear. I always have her wear it when we go to large amusement parks or places far away from home. She’s recently told me she does not like the feeling of when it gets wet and has asked me to purchase the jelly kind instead.
Review by Kristina (Posted on 6/30/2012)
Fits the tinest wrist
We are so happy to have found an allergy bracelet that doesn't slide off our daughters small wrist. We had ordered a bracelet from another site, and lost it within a couple of days. It resurfaced, but was way too big to stay on my child's wrist. This bracelet is adjustable. We cut off the excess nylon and sealed it with one of those adjustable flame lighters so that it wouldn't fray. Works perfectly and stays on my child's wrist. So happy to have found this product. Review by Ashley (Posted on 9/23/2011)
Good choice
My son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, this bracelet allows me to know his information is always with him, and allows him to not feel self- conscious about it. It looks great and the quality has been good. Thanks for making "cool" choices! Review by Lylania Aalderink (Posted on 8/2/2011)
my granddaughter, age 7, absolutely loves her bracelet.
thank you for making the tie dye medical ID band.........my granddaughter doesn't feel so "different" wearing the pretty bracelet.

Thank you for doing such a great job with all the different bracelets.

Keep us posted with anything new of your company.

Review by helen (Posted on 6/8/2011)
Good product wrong pick
Ordered the Tie Dyed band. Received the Peace sign band instead. the band is good and does it's job. Review by david (Posted on 5/27/2011)
My daughter loves colors, so I bought this ID bracelet for her. She absolutely loved it. It wears well, washes well, and she never forgets to wear it because she likes the colors so much. In fact, one of the other kids in her class wanted to wear it because she thought it was so cool. Review by DeAnna (Posted on 4/6/2011)
Does its job well
I wanted an ID bracelet for my son, who has autism and has limited language. When we go to the airport or somewhere crowded, I have him wear this bracelet and it has his diagnosis and contact numbers on the back of the metal plate. He has tried to take off the bracelet and can't. I also have left it on in the bath, and it doesn't get damaged or worn. It's solid construction, and I feel confident that it will remain on his wrist and also be easy to understand for anyone who finds him in case he gets separated from his family. The band material is a hard plastic-type fabric (very compressed fabric), so it doesn't wear and get threads hanging off of it. The clasp also is easy to apply, but tough for a child to take off. Review by Jen (Posted on 10/6/2010)

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