Chain Medical Bracelets

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N-Style ID’s titanium and stainless steel bracelets for women and men cannot be beat for durability, unique styling, and versatility! Our complete line of medical ID chain bracelets of stainless steel and titanium provides a sleek & stylish accent for both casual and formal occasions.

And just like our other medical ID bracelets, every N-Style ID medical chain bracelet offers customized data options, with critical medical information for emergency response personnel. In the event of an emergency, an N-Style ID medical chain bracelet provides potentially life-saving information, in the event the victim is unable to communicate.

Our medical chain bracelets are available for a wide variety of medical conditions, including epilepsy, seizures, diabetes and many others. But that’s just the first step in creating your unique customized look. From there, an impressive selection of materials, designs, colors and textures are yours for the taking.

The medical ID tags offered with our chain bracelets are also interchangeable with all of N-Style ID’s beaded and interchangeable medical bracelets. If you choose a gold plated chain, please remember to remove before showering or water activities. The Wave ID tag is recommended for men and those with larger wrists, while the Contempo medical ID tag is more of a preference for women.

All bracelets pictured are also offered in your choice of medical ID tag colors. From your preferred chain style right down to the medical ID tag, every element of your medical chain bracelet is determined by you. With N-Style ID, you’re the designer in charge!

For more information about our medical chain bracelets, you can check out our contact page, or call our medical chain consultants at (877) 445-0030. As some of our most popular medical ID jewelry, our medical chain bracelets combine rugged, ready-for-anything construction with the stylish, customized options you’ve come to expect from N-Style ID.

All the other perks and benefits of N-Style ID’s line of medical ID jewelry – free engraving, custom design, free shipping on any order over $50.00 – is also included with each engraved metal bracelet. Explore a totally unique and terrific style with our medical chain bracelets!

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