Lymphedema Bracelets

Lymphedema Medical Id Bracelets


The serious condition of lymphedema slows down many people. But for those who’ve discovered N-Style ID medical jewelry, it’s merely a speed bump in the road. With practical information and posh style, our assortment of lymphedema bracelets provides extra peace of mind, so you get on with your life.

Lymphedema occurs when the lymph system is damaged or blocked, which often leads to swelling in the arms or legs caused by lymph fluids. The disorder may be present at birth, known as primary lymphedema, but is more commonly caused by the removal of or damage to lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment, which is referred to as secondary lymphedema. While initial swelling may be mild or barely noticeable, if left untreated, lymphedema can permanently engorge the affected limb and cause the skin to become hard and thick, and lead to serious infections. Wearing a lymphedema bracelet with important medical information can not only inform emergency personnel of the condition and current medications, but can also warn responders not to use the affected limbs for blood draws, injections, blood pressure readings, which can worsen the condition.

N-Style ID’s large selection of lymphedema bracelets offers a stylish solution to carrying your important medical information with you at all times. With styles for everyone, choose a lymphedema alert bracelet to suit your personality and any occasion.  Your bracelet will be custom engraved with your medical details. And remember – everything’s prettier in pink, and that includes our lymphedema bracelets! Add a pink symbol ID tag for stylish flair that’s also easy to notice.

Custom Engraved Lymphedema Alert Bracelet

For those who suffer from lymphedema, we recommend wearing one of our stretch or rubber lymphedema alert bracelets to allow for swelling of the limb. Alternatively we offer a wide selection of interchangeable medical ID tags that can be worn on a loose fitting bangle lymphedema bracelet, necklace or chain to avoid any unnecessary pressure or discomfort. For those individuals who have developed lymphedema due to breast cancer treatments, you may choose to select a pink lymphedema alert bracelet or one of our many other colors to correspond to the type of cancer.

N-Style ID understands that for children suffering from lymphedema, wearing a lymphedema bracelet is particularly important to communicate important medical information to adults and medical personnel. For those children too young to understand or communicate their condition, a lymphedema alert bracelet can inform first responders of your child’s condition, along with any medications, allergies, contact information or any other pertinent details. Our ultra light and jelly lymphedema bracelets are particularly ideal as the allow for plenty of flexibility and comfort, while also coming in fun, colorful styles so that kids will want to wear them.

Knowing and recognizing the symptoms of lymphedema are critically important for early detection and treatment, and to avoid complications. Help your loved ones and those around you by carrying vital details about your condition with you at all times by wearing a lymphedema bracelet from N-Style ID. You’ll find plenty of options in our wide selection to prepare you for every occasion. Once you’ve chosen the style or styles for you, we offer a free custom engraving with all of your vital medical details. With many of our styles your lymphedema medical alert bracelet can be interchanged with different styles and designs to fit any occasion or mood. N-Style ID wants you to always be prepared in the event of an emergency and to feel confident that you look great wherever you go.

With N-Style ID medical jewelry, you can start managing lymphedema, instead of lymphedema controlling you. We’ve helped thousands of people empower themselves and regain their lifestyles – experience the N-Style ID difference today!

Thanks again for considering N-Style ID as your lymphedema medical ID jewelry source. For any questions about our bracelets or other jewelry, give our medical ID consultants a call at (877) 445-0030.