Golden Gate Cable Bracelets Without ID Tag

The Golden Gate Two-Tone cable bracelets are a new current look from N-Style ID. The stainless steel cable bracelet is representative of the sturdy cables that join the beautiful Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Each strand of this triple cable bracelet is 2mm thick and the entire width of the bracelet is 1/4" wide. This two-tone combination will go perfectly with your gold and silver jewelry.

This custom metal bracelet may be worn with the Wave, Max Contempo or Contempo medical ID tags. Removing before shower or water activity will lengthen the life of the gold plating. Do not expose to chlorinated water.

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Customer Reviews (18)
should be able to order the two tone w/the the pink contempo as one unit not two
I want the two toned bracelet and the pink contempo name tag Review by judy (Posted on 8/14/2018)
The bracelet is nice, and well made, the claw clips are incompatible with the large ID tag, and make it hard to remove, and put on with the claw clips. I had prior to that purchased a medical expandable bracelet, and it broke within a year. These purchases should last longer on a on a daily usage. I am disappointed, they advertise medical grade materials, and long ware. Review by Joy (Posted on 11/20/2017)
These ID's are perfection and professional to the max. There are no finer. Thanks for such wonderful products. Excellent communication and fast turn around time. Thanks so much. Review by A SATISFIED CUSTOMER (Posted on 3/31/2017)
Great product
Great service and quality product. Was too big and returned with no problems sy all. Chose a replacement without any problem. Would not hesitate to recomend this company! Review by Retired Preacher (Posted on 9/6/2016)
Looks great and goes with everything
It's nice to have a bracelet that will go with gold and silver. Sturdy construction. Very comfortable to wear. Review by Debi (Posted on 4/28/2016)
Stylish and sturdy
I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs something that can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit. This is so much nicer than any of those drug store bracelets. Review by Kathy (Posted on 3/29/2016)
Wonderful look and stye
Bought this bracelet because it matches my Contempo ID tag, and because it mixes gold and silver. Gives me the option of wearing gold or silver jewelry without concern for mixing. This one replaced a larger one - that one wore very well over a couple of years. Review by Countrygal (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Beautiful yet sturdy
I bought the Golden Gate cable bracelet and matched it with the Max Contempo ID tag and together they are beautiful. The workmanship is excellent on both the bracelet and ID tag. They go with my gold and silver accessories and look so good that I will save it to wear with dressier outfits. I love that the bracelets are interchangeable, so I ordered 2 more: the Pandora type so that I can use my beads and also a chain link bracelet so that I can attach my charms. It's so nice to get away from bulky ugly pharmacy bracelets. Review by Kay Dee (Posted on 11/12/2015)
Great bracelet; wear really well!
It's very light weight, sturdy bracelet and looks very feminine. I wear it around the clock because it holds up well through all house chores, dog baths and washing the car. As always, it arrived at my door quickly and as promised. Thank you! I will order again! Review by Kim Harding (Posted on 7/31/2015)
Love the Bracelet
As a Type I diabetic, I need to wear a medical bracelet. Having one that is stylish is wonderful. Review by Anne (Posted on 7/17/2015)
Nice looking bracelet, seems to wear well
I was glad to find an option that looks like real jewelry, and blends with both gold and silver items. My core jewelry items are two toned (wedding ring and daily 'go-to' ring) so this adds in very well. Yes, it's hard to get on and off by yourself but I manage. Review by Susan (Posted on 6/1/2015)
I bought the two-tone bracelet for 3 reasons. The first is because it is simple & could be worn everyday. The second reason is I do mix metals all the time so having this bracelet allows me to keep the theme going. The third reason is I needed a medical alert ID tag in case I was ever in an accident. I coupled this bracelet with a Max Contempo yellow on white medical ID tag.
The bracelet & ID tag go together beautifully. I have looks & I have utility, the best of 2 worlds. This bracelet arrived in my mail so soon after I sent my order, it was unbelievable. I've worn this bracelet & tag for about 2 weeks straight. The quality & wear-ability appears to be A+ so far. I am a very satisfied customer.
Review by JA Bugz (Posted on 5/27/2015)
two tone bracelet
I always wear two tone everything. thanks so much for including that in your choices.... Review by nannajo (Posted on 4/30/2015)
Stylish bracelet - mixes well with my gold and silver jewelry
The bracelet is very stylish and looks very durable. The gold finish does not look cheap. Because the cable is stiff it feels a little constraining with the id tag in place. It was sized correctly according to my wrist. Now that I have the bracelet, I probably would have gone up 1/2 size because I like my bracelets to hang looser. It is not easy to take on and off - need two people. The lobster clasps are very stiff to operate. It takes a second set of hands to hold either the bracelet or the id tag while the other person connects the clasp to the id tag. If not for the difficulty of taking this bracelet on and off, I would have given it a 5 star rating. Review by Deeana (Posted on 3/25/2015)
Love the style!
This is absolutely the best bracelet I have purchased. It is classy and matches my main stay jewelry I wear daily. Lots of complements. Keep up the great ideas. I'll be waiting! Review by Bev (Posted on 1/23/2015)
I love this bracelet. I wear it with a yellow medical ID tag and they look great together. This is a light weight, sturdy bracelet yet it looks very feminine. It appears to be a silver and gold bangle but closer inspection shows it is 3 separate cables. I wear it around the clock because it holds up well through all house chores, dog baths and washing the car. As always, it arrived at my door quickly. Thank you! Review by Julie (Posted on 10/8/2014)
This bracelet is gorgeous!
This is supposed to be my "everyday" bracelet. It is so beautiful, so elegant. It is well made, and looks much more expensive than it costs! Again, I commend myself for your good taste - and I commend YOU for being so wonderful to work with! I cannot wait to order another bracelet! Review by Erlinda (Posted on 5/15/2014)
Great Style
I love this style bracelet. It's very attractive and for those who have to wear it daily, having something jewelry like and yet utilitarian is a big plus. The fact that the tags are interchangeable is another bonus. Thank you for all your choices. I will be ordering more in the near future. 5+ stars from me. Review by Lola (Posted on 3/14/2014)

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