ICE Bracelets

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Being prepared and providing vital information is what an emergency bracelet is all about. These I.C.E. bracelets may be worn as a medical emergency bracelet or by those who do not have a medical condition. People rarely think of accidents that may occur. We all need to understand that most disasters are an emergency and will often happen without any forewarning. Therefore, taking a proactive approach by wearing an I.C.E. bracelet (In Case of Emergency Bracelet) is one way to help first responders and others stay connected to family and friends in an emergency situation.

N-Style ID offers In Case of Emergency ID bracelets in a wide selection of designs that are both stylish and functional. The ICE ID is interchangeable, and can be worn on our emergency paracord bracelet during your favorite sport and then transferred to another bracelet ideally suited for a night out on the town. Your personal information will be engraved for FREE, discreetly on the back of the ICE ID, yet still be easily accessible by merely turning the ID over. This information could include your name, an emergency phone number, and a personal message or witty saying. Be proactive and make an ICE. Bracelet part of your safety approach to your family emergency plan.