Fun Activities to do with Your Kids This Summer

Fun Activities to do with Your Kids This Summer Fun Activities to do with Your Kids This Summer

Now that school is out and the summer is finally upon us, it’s time to find some fun things to do with the kids so they don’t go bonkers in the house. As parents ourselves here at N-Style ID, we understand the importance of great summer activities. There’s plenty of entertaining things that they’ll love to do, which don’t require much money or travel, too. Check out these fun ideas and share some of your own in the comments section:

Scavenger Hunt

Kids of all ages love running around in the backyard or park to find hidden treasures. Hide some fun toys or prizes in out-of-sight locations and create a treasure map to find them. Or make the hunt a nature discovery activity and have the kids track down pinecones, flowers, interesting rocks or other fun items from the (not so) wild.

Dance Party

Put all of that summer time energy to use and bust a move with a lively dance party. Have the kids choose some of their favorite songs or make a mix for them, turn up the volume and let the fun begin. Add another layer of excitement by creating a theme to the party, such as an underwater, outer space or fairy tale theme, complete with decorations and costumes.

Bicycle Obstacle Course


Add a twist to an already fun bicycle ride by having the kids design and build an obstacle course. Keep it simple and safe using sidewalk chalk, safety cones and other items found around the house, and have them create a creative path around the park or backyard. And don’t forget the helmets!

Outdoor Movie Night At Home


Capture the magic of the going to the movies without having to leave the yard. Hang a white sheet over the garage door or between two trees and project your kids’ favorite movie. Their friends can join for this special outdoor screening that’s cheap and easy to put together. And don’t forget to put together some delicious movie snacks with the kids to server during the screening.

What fun activities do you have planned for the kids this summer? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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