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  • 14 Nut-Free Halloween Candies

    Many of our customers order medical ID bracelets for nut allergies. With Halloween just around the corner, I'm sure you all know which candy is and is not safe for your allergies. Just in case, here is a list of some candy that is nut free and is manufactured in a nut-free environment!

    • Junior Mints
    • Tootsie Rolls
    • Hershey Kisses & snack sized bars
    • York Peppermint Patties
    • Rolos
    • Twizzlers
    • Mike & Ike
    • Oreos
    • Hot Tamales
    • Sour Patch Kids
    • Smarties
    • Sweet Tarts
    • Nerds
    • Lifesaver Gummies

    What is your favorite nut-free Halloween candy?

  • Medical Bracelets or Medical Necklaces?

    Looking at all the orders we get, it’s obvious to me that a vast number of people who need to wear medical identification prefer medical alert bracelets over medical alert necklaces.  I don’t know if it’s because people think medical id necklaces won’t be found as easily as bracelets, or if they just don’t like them as much.  Any ideas why?

    Which do you prefer—medical ID necklaces or medical ID bracelets?  Let me know in the comments box below along with your age and gender.

  • We're a ShopWiki Approved Store!

    N-Style ID is a ShopWiki Approved StoreWe found out that we're now a shopwiki approved store! Do you use shopwiki?

  • Welcome to Our New Blog!

    Hey, I'm Camille Bissell!  I will be handling our new blog and being more active around N-Style ID, after all I'm the reason N-Style ID was created.  My mom started N-Style ID after I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 10.  I'll be spreading the news on new products, sales, contests, etc., so stay tuned!

    I would also love to hear what you guys think about the company, our products, and how we can make them better.  You are also welcome to ask me any questions you might have!

    I have been wearing a medical identification bracelet for about 10 years!  How long have you worn a medical id bracelet or necklace and why?

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