Medical Bracelets Your Kids Will Love

You want your child to wear a medical alert bracelet so they can receive the correct treatment in an emergency. They think it makes them look like a dork. Fortunately, this is one power struggle that can be easily resolved with the help of N-Style ID medical IDs for kids.

N-Style ID's child medical bracelets come in a range of colors, also available for custom medical ID engraving. They are inexpensive enough to make it easy to replace them if they get lost or damaged. Having two or more different styles to choose from means less wear and tear on any one bracelet and helps them all last longer. We think these medical IDs for kids are pretty cool, too. Our kids medical bracelets are made from durable nylon webbing or latex free rubber and they are all adjustable.

Although they are designed for kids, they are made to fit up to a seven-inch wrist. This means they can also be worn by teens and adults. Here are three examples from the N-Style range of medical IDs for kids:

Night Peace Medical ID Bands

Medical Bracelets Your Kids Will Love

This one has colorful peace signs on a black background. Perfect not only for kids and teens, it also makes an ideal gift for Baby Boomer grandparents, aunts and uncles who will remember it for being widely popular in the '60s.

Bat-Kid Medical Alert Band

Medical Bracelets Your Kids Will Love

Everybody loves Batman. This black and yellow medical wrist band is printed with Batman icons on a bright yellow background. Made for up to a six-inch wrist.

Pink Stache Medical ID Bracelet

Medical Bracelets Your Kids Will Love

A row of curly black moustaches printed on a pink background. Made to fit up to a six-inch wrist.

All of N-Style ID's child medical bracelets are hand washable. To eliminate excess length, simply cut to fit and melt with a source of heat to prevent the webbing from getting frayed. All child medical bracelets and bands are interchangeable and may be ordered without the ID tags.



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