Wearing Medical Alert Jewelry is Critical for Proper Medical Care in An Emergency

Photo of a Medical Alert Id Jewelry and Bracelet

Medical alert jewelry is a simple and effective way to get you immediate and proper medical care and to save your life in the event of an emergency.

If you were in an emergency, first responders need to know if there is a serious or chronic medical condition involved that requires special medical attention.

Medical alert and medical ID jewelry will alert first responders and bystanders to your medical condition thereby enabling the appropriate care. All medical personnel are trained to look for medical ID jewelry. In a serious medical situation, time is of the essence and can be the difference between life and death.

There are many medical conditions that should be immediately known to first responders, such as:

  • - Diabetes
  • - Food Allergies
  • - Implants like pacemakers
  • - Severe Asthma
  • - Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • - Drug Allergies
  • - Shunts for dialysis patients
  • - Alzheimer’s
  • - Bee Sting Allergies
  • - Coronary heart disease
  • - Renal Failure
  • - Transplant Surgery
  • - People on blood thinners
  • - Mentally disabled
  • - Cancer patients
  • - Person’s having bariatric surgery

Everyone with a serious medical condition should wear a medical alert bracelet. Medical alert / ID bracelets are designed to be noticed by trained personnel. It’s important to note that both medical alert necklaces and bracelets are considered appropriate ID tools by the medical profession. Emergency personnel are trained to check any jewelry on your person to see if it is medical id jewelry. However, its been documented that EMTs always look for bracelets first.

Additionally, depending on the type of activity you are engaged in, you may consider a different choice of medical alert and medical ID jewelry. For example, if you normally wear an ID necklace and you’re heading to the mountains to go skiing, it’s advisable to switch to an ID bracelet, as first responders would not have to dig through so many upper-body clothing layers to find your ID necklace.

The information contained on your medical alert jewelry is just as important as actually wearing your alert jewelry on a regular basis.

Here’s an example of the type of core information that must be included on your medical ID jewelry:

  • - The Star of Life symbol
  • - Statement of your type of medical (and if you take insulin)
  • - Food or drug allergies
  • - Prescription information
  • - In-case-of-emergency (written as ICE) contact number information
  • - Add anything else paramedics must know, including noting any implants (e.g., pacemaker or insulin pumps that shouldn't go in an MRI scanner)

In recent years, medical ID jewelry has come a long way in terms soft of looks. Gone are the days of the standard stainless steel bracelets.  Fashionable jewelry styles are available for women, men and children that look great and allow for variety, but still convey the vital life-saving information medial alert jewelry was originally designed to do. If you have a medical condition that requires alert jewelry there really is no reason not to be wearing one with so many styles and options available on the market today.

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