Tips for Getting Your Kids to Wear Medical Alert Jewelry

It’s no secret that medical alert jewelry saves lives. In medical emergencies, especially for those with special medical needs, the faster a first responder or a doctor can get informed about their patient, the better the outcome. But often times it’s hard to get kids to wear their medical alert jewelry, despite all the advantages of doing so brings. Here are a few ways to encourage your child to wear their medical ID bracelets, necklaces, or charms.

Select the Right Type of Medical ID

As with all kinds of jewelry, medical IDs are meant to be comfortable. Some kids prefer to wear necklaces; other kids prefer to wear bracelets. If you start off by finding out which type of medical jewelry your child prefers, it will go a long way to ensuring that they wear it daily. With our selection of medical alert bracelets, medical alert necklaces, and medical ID charm bracelets, it’s simple to find the right jewelry type for your child.

Match your Child’s Fashion Sense

Hawaiian Flower Medical ID Jewelry


In addition to picking the right type, you’ll also want to choose colors, styles, and accessories to go with the medical ID that match your child’s fashion sense. Since our medical ID tags are interchangeable, you can mix and match colors and styles of bracelets and necklaces, allowing your child to personalize their look each day. When your child makes their medical alert jewelry a part of their fashion identity, they’ll wear it proudly.

Get your own ID Jewelry

Especially for younger kids, you can get them excited about wearing their own jewelry by wearing one of your own. If your child is hesitant, buy a matching set and show them how great the jewelry looks when worn. Since we allow for custom engraving on our ID tags, you can still make your jewelry useful even if you don’t have any serious medical conditions by providing identifying information or your emergency contacts, which can be useful in accidents and emergencies. Show your support and watch children open up to wearing their own medical IDs.

Let your Child Shop with You for their own Jewelry

If you’re used to buying clothing and necessities for your child, you know that not everything you purchase turns out to be a big hit. To get the best results from your shopping experience, we suggest that you let your child help pick out with medical alert ID is right for them. They’ll be more excited to receive and wear the jewelry if they feel like they had an active role in picking it out.

Clearly Explain the Importance of Medical Alert Jewelry to your Child

Until an emergency is upon us, we often have a hard time valuing those everyday things that keep us safe, and the same is true of kids and their medical alert jewelry. Rather than wait for a disaster to teach us a hard lesson, it’s important that you make your child understand just how critical the information is for emergency personnel to have during a crisis.

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