Charming Medical Bracelets for Women

They almost never show it on television dramas, but emergency responders really do check victims for medical ID bracelets. Did you know that they can be fashionable as well as functional?

N-Style ID was established for style-conscious individuals who had a need for medical ID jewelry. Our range of medical bracelets for women gives you the peace of mind that emergency responders will be able to quickly get crucial information about your medical history if you are unable to speak for yourself, without sacrificing style or looking like you just escaped from a hospital ward.

Here are a few examples of the smart and attractive medical ID bracelets that are available from N-Style ID:

Medical Bracelets for Women Medical Bracelets for Women

The Purple Rain stackable beaded bracelet is both stylish and versatile. Wear one or two strands for casual occasions or dress it up with additional strands for special occasions. On its own, the Purple Rain is an attractive accessory. To turn it into a medical bracelet, simply add the Hera stretch medical bracelet or add a heart charm.

Medical Bracelets for Women Medical Bracelets for Women

The Golden Gate Cable medical ID bracelet is reminiscent of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. The two-tone combination goes well with your other gold and silver jewelry.

Medical Bracelets for Women Medical Bracelets for Women

The Dazzle medical charm bracelet is made from sterling silver and Swarovski elements. A heart charm in pink, red, blue, purple or yellow is engraved with your personal info.

N-Style's fashionable medical ID jewelry is perfect for when you want to be prepared for that once-in-a-lifetime emergency without drawing attention to your condition every day of the week.

If you are buying an N-Style ID bracelet for a loved one, it is important to include a contact name, address and telephone number on the engraving. The caregiver should also wear a medical ID bracelet to indicate to emergency responders that someone depends on them.

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