Back-to-School Medical Alert Bracelets for Every Child’s Style

The start of the school year usually means outfitting kids with a new wardrobe. Is your child’s medical ID as spiffy as his or her new clothes? Kids are especially conscious of their style and how it reflects their personality. In the wide variety of kids medical bracelets offered by N-Style ID, you are sure to find bracelets to suit your child’s unique character.

Do you have a child who is wild about sports? N-Style ID has a great selection of medical alert bracelets made with active children in mind. Check out our Sport Kids Medical Bands covered with soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and baseballs. If your kid is into car racing, we even have a Speed Racer Medical ID Band with a design of checkers and race cars. Or perhaps your child wants a bracelet to coordinate with his or her sports uniform. N-Style ID has bands in various colors, including blue, red, purple, pink, and black.

Maybe you have a fun-loving ‘flower child.’ N-Style ID’s Peace Medical ID Band, adorned with peace symbols, is a great choice. Your child may also love the Lavender ID Bracelet. Very cool, too, is the TieDye Medical ID Band.

Is your child crazy about animals? N-Style ID has plenty of bracelets he or she will love: a Blue Paws Kid Medical Bracelet, a Pink Paws Kids Medical Bracelet, or a lovely Running Horse Kids Medical ID Bracelet. We even have medical bracelets with dolphins: the Blue Dolphin Play Child ID Bracelet and the Pink Dolphin Play Children's ID Bracelet.

Perhaps your child is more whimsical, prone to gazing at the sky and chasing butterflies. The Rainbow Medical ID Band or the Butterfly Kids Medical Bracelet would suit them perfectly. If your kid is really ‘out there,’ the Outer Space Child ID Bracelet decorated with planets in space is the perfect choice!

Does your kid shower you and friends with sugary affection? Your child would love N-Style ID’s Beating Heart Kids Medical Bracelet and Blue Heart Children's ID Bracelet. You could also give them a constant reminder of how dear they are to you with the Angels Children’s ID Bracelet.

N-Style ID has a variety of choices for the sweet kid who wants a tough image. A Skull and Crossbones Medical ID Band or the Barbed Wire Medical ID Band or Camo Medical ID Band is sure to meet your ‘wild child’s’ expectations.

Of course, your child’s mood changes from day to day. Why not give them a different medical alert bracelet to wear for every mood and occasion?

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