• Winter Allergies

    winter allergies

    You may think of the blooming and warm weather of springtime as allergy season, but in fact winter allergies are a major issue. In fact, your sniffling and sneezing may not be a cold. How can you tell if you're suffering from winter allergies? And if you are, what can you do about it?

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  • Beware of Allergens This Holiday Season

    Beware of Allergens This Holiday SeasonBeware of Allergens This Holiday Season Beware of Allergens This Holiday Season

    Although some people think that the end of summer and fall means the end of allergies, don't be fooled. It's true that freezing temperatures kill some molds and seasonal pollens, but there are some common wintertime allergens that you should watch out for if you suffer from allergies. How many of these did you expect to experience in wintertime?

    Animal Dander

    You might think that animal hair bothers you, but actually it is animal dander that you're allergic to. Animal dander is what experts call the dead skin cells all warm-blooded animals (mammals and birds) shed naturally. This means that people have the potential to be allergic to the dander from cats to parrots. In fact, your body's immune system is overreacting to proteins in the skin, saliva, or other shed animal matter. Continue reading

  • Summer Safety Tips for Allergies

    NStyle Summer Allergies Infographic(1)

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    Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons. However, for people with allergies, the sun and outdoor activities have an entirely different meaning. With a few quick tips, they can enjoy the summer just like everybody else. Continue reading

  • Common Allergies and What To Do

    It seems like every year we learn about a new allergy that’s trying to ruin our fun both indoors and outdoors. Whether you or someone you love suffers from common allergies, there’s no need to feel like hiding in a bubble to avoid allergens is the only solution. At N-Style ID we want you to be prepared for the many different types of allergies, so we’ve rounded up many of the most common allergies and what to do about them so you don’t miss out on all the fun in life. And keep in mind, if you or a family member has a severe allergy, it’s important to carry emergency instructions at all times on a medical alert bracelet.

    Pollen Allergy:

    Common Allergies and What To Do Common Allergies and What To Do

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  • The Rise of Medical Jewelry

    What happens when the worlds of fashion and medical needs meet? Medical jewelry has been around for many years, but it has taken a new turn of awareness for many people who are suffering from different diseases and conditions. Those with medical badges have been reluctant to wear them due to their bulky sizes and appearance. Because of this, there has been a big shift in the appearance of the medical jewelry in the last few years and more options continue to come out as well. There are now many different pieces available in necklaces, bracelets and charms.

    These pieces look like fashionable pieces of jewelry, but also have a medical symbol on the outward side and any specifics on the opposite side. When someone feels like the piece of jewelry is not an eye sore, they are more likely to wear it; so more and more people are satisfied with putting this very important piece of jewelry on every single day.

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