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  • How to Alert a School to Your Child's Severe Allergies

    n-style-medical-alert-id-jewelry-medical-id-jewelry-allergiesSevere Allergies

    Having a child with severe allergies presents itself with some very real challenges. This guide is all about sending your little one to safely to school.

    The beginning of the school year is usually met with a mix of emotions.

    Excitement: new clothes, new shoes, a cool new backpack.

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  • Health Resolutions to Make in 2017

    n-style-medical-alert-id-jewelry-journal-blgWe know, you’re probably tired of resolution talk at this point. After all, many resolutions go out the window before January is over! This time around, however, why not vow to make 2017 your healthiest ever. We’re not talking about losing weight either, but about taking preventative measures that can help you ward off serious illness for years to come.

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