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  • Why Switch to an Insulin Pump?

    Camille-CreditStrotzPhotography-lowresNote: Camille was the inspiration for the development of N-Style ID in 1999. Camille is my daughter and when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 10, we tried to find a medical ID bracelet that would look fashionable instead of institutional. Our search turned up only a few options and none of them were stylish. That is when I started making medical ID jewelry for kids and adults to be proud to wear. I hope you enjoy all of the fashionable medical ID jewelry we provide.



    At 28, Camille says she is feeling the healthiest she has ever been and she is very in tune with her body. Camille has Type 1 Diabetes. About 5 months ago, she decided to try using an insulin pump, and she says it a huge improvement over giving herself shots. “It is so much easier to control my blood sugar with the pump,” said Camille.

    An insulin pump is a small computerized device that adheres to the skin and injects insulin into the fatty tissue. Insulin is delivered in steady measured doses called the basal rate. When needed, a surge (or bolus) dose can be made—usually around mealtime.

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  • Health Tip: Heat Exhaustion

    It's summer and that means more people are spending time outside. While you probably already know to guard against sunburn, you may not have thought to be on the lookout for heat exhaustion. This dangerous condition occurs Continue reading

  • Consider Food Allergies As You Plan Gatherings

    July is a month of celebration! While you prepare for summer parties and other gatherings, please consider the potential threat of food allergies.

    You might not have a food allergy, but chances are high that someone you love, or someone dropping by your next get together, does. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that up to Continue reading

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