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  • How Can Medical Jewelry Save Lives?

    With so many medical advances, people are more fully aware of the problems that they have and how to prevent them. For instance, drugs and medications have come a long way in just the last ten years. However, not everyone can handle the drugs the same way, and people may have allergies to commonly used drugs. People also have diagnoses about disorders they have as well that are not always familiar to the general public. No matter what the medical condition is, it is important to have a way to tell emergency responders if you are rendered unconscious or unable to communicate.

    Medical jewelry is the very best solution for all of these problems. These come in all kinds of designs and with custom inscriptions engraved onto them so that you can list exactly what is wrong. Many even allow more than one problem to be listed so that you can just use one piece of jewelry. Wearing these can be very important and save a life. If you are wondering how important these really can be, here are some examples of what would require the use of a piece of medical jewelry.

    Common Conditions
    Epilepsy: Seizures can hit at any time, and communicating with someone during one is next to impossible. Having some sort of trinket on the person that says they have epilepsy can be extremely helpful to anyone who is trying to help. Many times people are on medications already and doctors or anyone treating the person needs to know what medication that is so they know how to best treat them and how best to not treat them. Depending on the state, people with epilepsy can drive under certain requirements. If an accident occurs from a seizure, this can really help out emergency responders.
    Epilepsy Symbol
    Allergies: Food allergies are becoming increasingly common with an estimated 15 million Americans living with them. It is also estimated that 1 in every 13 children has these allergies as well. More allergies include insects, medications, and even latex. Children can rarely tell people about their allergies when they are young. Wearing a piece of jewelry for everyone to see can help save their life because people will know that they cannot eat certain items when you are not around. Some places you may not be are school, with a babysitter, or even at a birthday party. Not only can they serve as a reminder, but it can alert medical personnel that an allergy attack may be occurring if something is wrong. One woman only had her kids wear them when they were away from her, but after a minor car accident she was filling the emergency responders in on her kids’ allergies. The worker inquired about medical bracelets or jewelry of some type and said if she had been unconscious, they would have no idea. Have children always wear their jewelry to help them stay safe.
    Peanut Allergy
    Diabetes: Approximately 25.8 million of the adults and children living in the United States have diabetes. When blood sugar gets too low, the person can become unresponsive, have a seizure, or even go into a coma in extreme cases. These all render the person unable to explain what is happening to them, even if they knew before suffering from the symptoms. If blood sugar gets too high the person can have blurry vision, become confused, or even feel extremely tired or weak. Treatment for either of these scenarios requires quick attention and some action, but these symptoms alone are not obviously diabetes to most people. Having a way to communicate can help before something more severe happens.
    Diabetes Medical Tag Symbol
    Ways to Help

    In order to have a positive experience with this type of medical jewelry, there are a few suggestions most people have. Find some jewelry that is stylish to the person who will be wearing it. If the person thinks it is ugly, makes them feel different, or just plain old do not like it, they are not going to wear it. This is especially true or children and teens. Getting more than one is also a good idea so they have something to pick that they like or matches their outfit each day.

    Another common suggestion is to just make putting it on part of the morning routine. Most parents or individuals have a set routine of things they check for each day. Do they have their lunch? The car keys? Backpacks or purse? Work to make sure that putting on a piece of medical jewelry becomes natural and just part of getting ready each day. This will ensure more success in wearing it all the time so it is there when you need it.

  • The Many Advantages of Medical Jewelry

    Life can often times be scary when our bodies start acting up in ways we can't understand, or comprehend. For some it can be at younger ages, for some it might be late into their adult years. It can range from diabetes to something very minor, for some it can be heart problems, for some it might be a very unique disorder. Whatever the medical problem, it's never fun for those that are diagnosed, life takes a new direction.
    With this new direction that life takes, it's vital that the patient is fully protected by having the right medical jewelry, in case something happens to that individual when family or friends might not be around.
    Gold Medical Jewelry Heart
    Not only does life take on a new direction but it can take on a new perception. Feelings of gratitude and humility can often times grow within.  Every event can be thought out a little more. An average day at the beach or lake makes you think twice when you're diagnosed with an illness. It can sometimes make the next meal with friends more questionable, just to protect your health.  

    The great news is medical jewelry and medical tags can ease the worry of that next event in life's path.  What happens with medical jewelry is if an emergency does happen, the medical officials will know exactly how to treat the person because they become instantly aware of the persons history just by viewing their medical id tag. This benefit of medical jewelry makes the investment very powerful, because it can be life or death for some. Medical officials do not always have the ease of looking at computer technology that displays the persons medical history. In emergency situations, if the historical health history is not present on the spot, it can be very difficult for medical professionals to discover the problem. The benefit of instant awareness for medical professionals makes the investment for medical jewelry worth every dollar.
    Gold Medical Band for Adults and Children
    Medical jewelry can last the test of time. Everyday life takes on new tasks that can make things rather dirty. Really cheap medical tags can not only be annoying but can get very dirty, very fast. With medical jewelry it's different, the jewelry can easily be wiped clean. Clean jewelry is easy to identify and it looks so much better than a dirty old medical tag!The best part about clean jewelry is it lasts. Jewelry is made to last, especially some of our gold jewelry. If you want to buy something that will last the test of time, you need to get some medical jewelry. If you buy the medical jewelry with the stainless steel it will last you even longer.

    Another great benefit of medical jewelry is the beauty of the jewelry. Just because you have an illness doesn't mean your jewelry can't look great! Medical jewelry is often times even more beautiful than regular standard jewelry. It doesn't look flashy, it's not embarrassing, it can last the test of time, and it will help make you look good.

    Medical jewelry will also give off more clarity. Messages can be engraved on medical jewelry. This is powerful because every person diagnosed with an illness might have a custom message that absolutely needs to be messaged to medical professionals. Even with a message still built into the jewelry, it still looks good and will last, making your investment worth it.
    medical pendants for sale

    In Conclusion

    Medical jewelry is worth the investment if you know anyone that has a serious illness or any disorder. It saves lives, and relays a clear message to medical professionals. It lasts throughout time, and is easy to put on. Children love the jewelry and for some it gives them an added measure of confidence. Let us know if you have any questions, we would like to hear your thoughts!

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  • Medical IDs are for Men Too

    Don’t let the words ‘medical ID jewelry’ keep you from wearing medical identification that can help keep you safe. Medical ID isn’t just for women—there are all sorts of masculine options available for men as well.

    A popular option for men is the N-Style ID’s sport band. These medical bracelets are designed for men who have an active lifestyle. They are great for someone who participates in sports and wants a low-maintenance, easy-to-wear medical ID.

    Medical IDs are for me and a popular option is the N-Style ID’s sport band.

    Active Alert Bands

    This medical ID band is made of nylon and attaches with Velcro. It is easily adjustable which allows for a comfortable and precise fit.  This sports-friendly medical ID is available in two sizes and fits up to an 8-inch wrist. Important medical information, as well as contact information, can be filled out on cards that slip into an inside pouch

    The Brawny Black Medical ID band is a great choice for men.

    Brawny Black Medical ID Band

    This medical ID is perfect for men who play action sports. It fits snugly with an adjustable center push buckle. The Velcro closure grips the Sport Medical ID, and the metal does not touch the wrist. This medical ID is best for men with a 7” wrist or larger.

    N-Style ID offers many more options for men, whatever your taste or your lifestyle. If you have a medical condition, help keep yourself safe with the proper medical ID. There are medical IDs available in many materials, including nylon webbing, chain, and titanium metals. Visit N-Style ID’s website to see for yourself that medical ID jewelry is for men, too.


    N-Style ID makes attractive medical ID jewelry & medical alert jewelry for kids, teens, and adults. Since its founding, N-Style ID’s core vision is to make the lives of all those dealing with conditions that require medical ID jewelry less stressful by providing fun and fashionable medical ID  jewelry.

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