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  • Introducing our Latest Medical Alert Bracelets From N-Style ID

    To kick off the New Year, we added three new bracelets to the already huge selection of medical alert and allergy bracelets for kids and teens.  The first two bracelets “Like” and “Caution Tape,” are inspired by pure fun and whimsy.  We first introduced a bracelet along these lines last month called the "Mustache".

    The third bracelet, “Jamie,” is a variation on the trendy & colorful multi-strand wrap  bracelets so popular right now.

    We thought playing on the huge presence of Facebook in our lives could be fun. So with a wink-and-a-smile we introduced the “Like” medical alert bracelet. Within hours of posting the bracelet to our Facebook page for a giveaway, our post was flooded with, well…. Likes!

    Like Medical Alert Bracelet

    [UPDATE Sept 2014: The Like bracelet has been sold out]

    In the same spirit of fun when creating the “Like” bracelet, we introduced the “Caution Tape” Medical Alert Bracelet.  We had a very snowy and cold December at N-Style ID and there’s not a building in sight that isn’t crowned in icicles.  I got the idea of making the new bracelet heading in and out of the building surrounded by caution tape warning us of all the icicles.

    Shop the "Caution Tape" bracelet here:

    Caution Medical Alert Bracelet

    The “Like” and “Caution Tape” medical alert bracelets are from the Ultralight / Sports line and are great for everyday wear because of their durability. The adjustable bands are made of nylon webbing with a plastic center push buckle.

    These bracelets are interchangeable in two ways. You can order the bracelet complete with ID tag. Then remove the bands and select other designs from our huge selection of affordable kids medical bracelets without ID tags. Or you can order different colors of the interchangeable medical ID tag.

    The all new “Jamie” medical alert bracelet is a fun & feminine design with triple strands in a casual and comfortable material that includes a silver heart-shaped medical ID charm.  This bracelet is easy customize with four bracelet colors to choose from and five different silver ID charms to choose from.  The Jamie medical alert bracelet can fit a 6” to 8” wrist.

    Jamie Medical ID Bracelet in Purple

    Shop the "Jamie" bracelet here:
    To see more of our large selection of children's bracelets, lick here to view children's medical alert bracelets

  • Lifestyles Tips for Managing Type 2 Diabetes in 2013

    Photo of New Year's Resolution: Lifestyle Tips for Type 2 Diabetes
    Type 2 diabetes is not only the fastest growing disease on the planet, its one of the main illnesses for which N-Style ID designs medical alert and medical ID jewelry.  Since January is the month of proactive planning to make positive change in our lives, we focused our first 2013 blog on lifestyle and diet tips for people with Type 2 diabetes.

    With concentrated efforts to make practical lifestyle and diet changes, managing and minimizing the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes can be accomplished in anyone’s life. Type 2 diabetes is generally caused by genetics and obesity combined with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.  People that carry excess weight, especially in their midsection, are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

    Any plan to minimize the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes is always centered on incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into our daily routine.  The thing about the recommended changes for diabetics, is that they are virtually the same for people not suffering from diabetes who are looking to improve their overall health. So the good news is that a Type 2 diabetic is not alone in seeking a healthier lifestyle.  Diet and exercise goals can be made with your partner or friends.

    Here are the core changes needed to improve the overall health and well-being of people with Type 2 diabetes:

    Eating Habits and Meal Patterns

    • Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Stick to the same meal times each day.
    • Managing and tracking the amount of carbohydrates at each meal or snack will keep your blood sugar level steady throughout the day.
    • It’s not just the actual food you eat that affects blood sugar levels but how much you eat and when you eat affects blood sugar in the body.
    • Omega-3 fish oils can improve glucose tolerance, high triglycerides, and cholesterol levels
    • Incorporate high-fiber, low-glycemic-index sources of carbohydrates like whole-grains, fruits, vegetables into your diet.
    • Limit intake of saturated and trans fatty acids.

    Regular Exercise and Weight Loss

    • Exercise promotes cardiovascular fitness and weight loss, lowers high blood pressure, improves lipid profiles and improves blood sugar control.  Since excess fat in the body can decrease the number of insulin receptors in the body, weight loss is a critical component to managing diabetes.

    Limit Alcohol Intake

    • Alcohol is essentially pure sugar so it worsens glucose tolerance. Try to completely refrain from or drastically reduce your alcohol intake

    Stress Management

    • Stress is very bad for people with diabetes. Unmanaged stress elevates blood sugars. Identify techniques to help lower stress levels such as reading, meditating or yoga.

    There are endless online diet and exercise programs for people with Type 2 diabetes to help them achieve their goal of a healthier lifestyle:

    Online Recipes:,,20307365,00.html

    Exercise Tips and Programs,,20425548,00.html

    And finally, wearing your medical alert /medical ID jewelry is also a core tool in managing Type 2 diabetes. It’s surprising that many adults with Type 2 diabetes don’t where medical alert jewelry. The importance of wearing medical ID jewelry for your overall health can’t be understated. In the event of an emergency, first responders need to know of your condition so they can administer proper care thus potentially saving your life.

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