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  • A Guide To Understanding The Full Ramifications Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

    With more and more children and adults being diagnosed with autism, people have many questions. What is autism? What are signs that a person is autistic? What is the “autism spectrum”? Can a person outgrow autism, or is it for life? Are there different kinds of autism?

    With so much information, and misinformation available, it can be an extremely difficult task to know what is true. To make matters more confusing, psychologists and psychiatrists are still learning more about autism and are often updating their research and classification methods. Knowledge of autism can in some cases become outdated or irrelevant with time.

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  • Follow-up To 5 Common Preventable Home Accidents

    In September of 2015, we wrote a blog about THE 5 MOST COMMON HOME ACCIDENTS AND HOW YOU CAN PREVENT THEM.

    In that article, we reference several sources for you which can be found below.  We want to add this nice resource that is accessible and reader-friendly, with larger font and compatible with screen-reader technology. The optimized guide also includes a printable PDF version to share to those who can't access the internet.

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  • Do You Need a Medical ID Bracelet for Mental Illness?

    Untitled-1Mental illness is an often discussed medical condition that affects more people around us than we'll ever know.

    In fact, 1 in 5 Americans experiences mental illness each year. Most of these people won't discuss their struggles with even their closest friends and family... let alone wear medical ID to identify their condition. But do you need to have a medical ID bracelet for mental illness? Continue reading

  • Safety from Summer Heat Exhaustion

    summer-heat-exhaustion-n-style-id-blogFew people would argue that summer is the perfect time for fun in the sun. From long lazy days on the lake to picnics in the park, summer is full of opportunities to play. As the mercury rises, however, so does the threat of heat exhaustion.

    Today we wanted to talk about heat exhaustion so you know how to recognize it, treat it and most importantly, how to prevent it in the first place.

    What is heat exhaustion?

    People sometimes use this term without realizing that it means more than just being overheated. Heat exhaustion is a medical condition that comes after exposure to high temperatures. It has various stages and can lead to a life-threatening condition. Continue reading

  • Medical Bracelets for Women: 5 Life-Saving Facts

    medical-bracelets-for-women-2You can't take any chances with serious health conditions. Medical bracelets for women literally saves lives. That's why we're sharing 5 crucial facts to know.

    A medical bracelet could be the big difference between life and death.

    For instance, it can inform first responders of a serious allergic reaction or are a diabetic.

    Not sure whether to invest in one? Here are five life-saving facts about medical bracelets for women.

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