Allergy Bracelets

Allergy Medical Id Bracelets


An estimated 1 in 5 Americans, roughly 50 million children and adults, suffers from allergies on a regular basis. And while the number of people affected is growing every year, allergies are one of the most overlooked diseases. In the event that an allergy requires medical attention, many people are unprepared to provide medical professionals with the vital information they need to help someone with a severe allergy. Personalized allergy bracelets from N-Style ID ensure that those who are at risk of serious allergic reactions carry their medical information with them at all times.

Much more than just a stylish fashion statement, a medical allergy bracelet from N-Style ID will help get the medical attention needed to properly treat an allergic reaction, and in some circumstances, save a life. During a serious medical emergency, individuals are often unable to communicate critical information to medical personnel, making the instructions on a medical allergy bracelet all the more important. And considering nearly 40% of children suffer from allergies, many of who are too young to communicate their medical condition or needs, our kids food-allergy bracelets are extremely vital as well.

Custom Engraved Medical Allergy Bracelet

All adult and kids food-allergy bracelets from N-Style ID can be custom engraved for free with detailed information about what you are allergic to, what steps should be taken, as well as emergency contact details. If the medical information requires more space than the allergy bracelet allows, the bracelet can indicate that you are carrying our free medical ID cards in your wallet or purse to provide further instructions. We offer a wide range allergy bracelets styles designed men and women, kids and adults, and all personality types. Check out our popular sterling silver medical ID Bracelet.

An allergy is recognized as an overreaction of the human immune system to a foreign protein substance, known as an allergen, which is breathed into the lungs, eaten, injected or touched. Symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and severe cases can result in rashes, hives, difficulty breathing, lower blood pressure, asthma attacks, and even death. Whether you or someone you love suffers from an allergic reaction, wearing one of N-Style ID’s allergy bracelets, necklaces or ID tags, will inform emergency responders as to the specific allergy and what steps or medication need to be taken to stop the reaction. For individuals who suffer from allergic reactions to medications or materials, such as latex, that are commonly used in a medical setting, a medical allergy bracelet can let personnel know what not to use to avoid a serious reaction.

While there are currently no established cures for allergies, they can be managed with proper prevention, treatment and preparation by wearing allergy alert bracelets from N-Style ID. Learning about the causes of an allergy is important in order to include critical information on your medical allergy bracelet, so that first responders and other medical personnel know how to address your allergy or the allergy of your family members.

Types of Allergies

  • Indoor and Outdoor Allergies – Common triggers include tree, grass and weed pollen; dust mite and cockroach allergen; mold spores and cat, dog and rodent dander.
  • Skin Allergies – Plants such as poison, ivy, oak and sumac are common triggers, but skin contact with certain foods, latex, and dust mite or cockroach allergens can also cause reactions.
  • Food and Drug Allergies – Food allergies are more common among children than adults, making food allergy bracelets for kids critically important. The most common food triggers are milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish; and penicillin is the most common drug trigger.
  • Insect Allergies – Insect allergies can include: bee/wasp stings, venomous ant bites; and cockroach and dust mite allergens.

Prepare yourself and those who you care about for an allergy emergency with N-Style ID’s customized adult and kids allergy bracelets.