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Skull and Crossbones Kids Medical Bracelet

Skull and Crossbones Kids Medical Bracelet

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Includes free engraving

The Skull and Crossbones medical id bracelets for kids and adults are perfect for everyday wear. They are made of nylon webbing and adjustable with a plastic center push buckle. Even though this band is classified as medical bracelets for kids, it can also fit up to a size 6.5" wrist. Excess length on this ID for kids may be cut and melted with a heat source to keep the webbing from fraying.
Simply order this bracelet complete with ID tag. Then shop our large selection of affordable kids medical bracelets without ID tags. Who wouldn't love having a bunch of different ID bracelets for each day of the week? They are all interchangeable and will transfer easily onto the ID! Engraving is printed on the back of the slider medical ID tag.

This bracelet ID for kids is not recommended for children under 3.

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My son was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic on January 17, 2004. He was 9 years old. In the beginning phases of his adjustment to his diabetes, it was really hard to get him to wear the basic bracelets and dog tag necklaces that were on the market. One day I found this web site online, and I have ordered many kids medical bracelets for him since. I have had the best luck with the products, they are durable, comfortable, stylish, and he wears his bracelets all of the time and they don't bother him at all. I have found that your company has provided most excellent service. Years ago, my son lost his bracelet. I panicked and placed a rush order, requesting a new engraved bracelet as quickly as possible. I will never forget the feeling of relief that I had the next day when I found the bracelet at my door. I look forward to being able to continue purchasing more products from your company in the future. It's nice to know that you are there for our medical bracelet needs. Thank you for your services. You rock!

Customer Reviews

Anyone that wants to Review by To short
I was diagnosed with epilepsy a month ago and I have allergies and this is my first one and I love it it's light weight you don't even know your wearing it and I had a necklace before I found this and it got broke so I think God for this product I would have to give it a five star indeed, (Posted on 8/25/16)
Really Great Review by Dena
I bought this for my 12 y/o son and he thinks it's awesome. He says the skulls show off his personality and it's really comfortable. My only issue is that the band could be a bit longer as it is almost as large as it will go and my boy still has a lot of growing to do so I will have to buy a new one much sooner than anticipated. (Posted on 4/16/16)
I love my bracelet awesome product Review by Rachel Heflin
I ordered the skull and crossbones medical ID bracelet well two of them and needless to say I'm pretty rough on my medical ID bracelets and this is my second one. I found this site looking for medical ID bracelet because I broke mine. And I peanut allergy epilepsy / seizures in asthma and penicillin allergy along with many other allergies but the main ones are what I put down. Over 3 years ago I got diagnosed with a peanut allergy because I went into anaphylactic shock. It has been a few years ago I found out that nut allergies run in my family and so does epilepsy and asthma. needless to say I'm pretty rough on my medical I.D bracelet and the skull and crossbones suit me perfectly. I like the fact that you can change the emblem on the to make it the color you want and of course I'm a girl I love the color purple. I have told a lot of people about these products because a lot of my friends have medical problems and conditions and I told everyone about it so that way they know that the free shipping and free engraving is a good thing cuz you spend over a hundred bucks just for the things that I got on mine.I appreciate the fact that you guys have such a wonderful product and I will be ordering more. necklaces and charms and stuff like that. I'm proud to say that I wear your product with pride and that doesnt make me feel so weird. It's cool because nobody goes oh look at that ugly medical I.D bracelet and I know all my friends are going to say oh my gosh you have a cool medical ID bracelet and where'd I get it and I will say I have said that you guys offer free engraving and they said that they will order from you guys. (Posted on 5/10/15)
Perfect buy! Review by Duees
I sadly had to order my sons first medical bracelet. He's 6 and allergic to literally the world. The lines provided simply wasn't enough to put over 20 allergies but it was enough for the most important ones. My son was absolutely ecstatic when he received his medical bracelet. He fell in love his bracelet so quickly and now does not want to take it off. The design is perfect and the band is easily adjustable. My only wish is for y'all to make a shark band. My son is obsessed with them. I will definitely buy your products again. (Posted on 2/25/15)
Great bracelet Review by Shannon
My 7 year old son is so happy with his new medical ID bracelet!! He loves it and it looks great too!! Highly recommend these bracelets!! (Posted on 9/29/14)
great Review by tania
I bought this one for my 4 year old son as he keeps taking Velcro ones off. He loves the skull design. We had it posted to Australia and was happy with the cost and travel time of it!! (Posted on 2/20/14)
Pretty cool! Review by Lesa
My 4 year old can take it off very easily. He slips the band out of the med alert and loses them. He likes the skulls but hates wearing the bracelet unfortunately. We have since superglued the plastic pieces to the band so it is great now! (Posted on 9/26/13)
Fun and Functional Review by M
Id tag w/engraving is easy to read and will provide quick identification. I appreciate having a fun bracelet that would still "register" as a med. alert tag. My son is very pleased. (Posted on 7/25/13)
He actually keeps it on!! Review by Amy
My son loves his bracelet and even keeps it on al day everyday. The only small downfall is the length...I wish there was something to tuck the extra length of the strap under it tends to get caught on things...but over all love this bracelet and will be buying more in the future. (Posted on 4/11/13)
Love,love,love!!!!!! Review by Janae
My 3year old son loves his bracelet and so do I. It is not to bulky and he can leave it on 24/7. I am very very happy with this product. (Posted on 3/4/13)
My son loves his braclet. Review by Tonia
The skull and crossbones was picked out by my 9 year old son. He wears his bracelet all of the time even in the shower. (Posted on 2/18/13)
super fun! Review by Brandi Metcalf
It's a medical bracelet that I can get my aspie to wear. As a matter of fact he asks to wear it! (Posted on 2/18/13)
Very nice Review by Ap
My 3 yr old autistic son loves this bracelet! (Posted on 1/7/13)
Love it but... Review by Beth
I love this bracelet. More importantly, my five year-old does too! These bracelets are cool and DURABLE. (His last one- a tie dyed version- made it through camp and everything!) The only drawback is the end which has to be burned to keep it from fraying. I will definitely be buying one again! (Posted on 12/11/12)
Boy tough!!! Review by Blanca
I love these bracelets cause they are boy proof..... my 7 yr old can play and have fun with out any worries.... I LOVE the design of the skull and crossbones it suit my son perfectly cause he is a METAL HEAD (so he calls himself) I love the fact that the bracelets are very kid friendly and are more durable then the others. I love them so much I have ordered more. >_< (Posted on 8/21/12)
We loved the bracelet Review by Christine Gurney
Very good detail, light weight, clear engraving (Posted on 8/11/12)
Very cool! Review by Beth
My 6 year old thought this was the COOLEST band! He wears his ID bracelet every day. It was easy to adjust and he has no complaints! No more itchy, annoying medical alert bracelets. This one is a winner! (Posted on 5/17/12)
great Review by Stephanie
My son loves it & thinks its cool. My daughter wants one but doesn't need one! (Posted on 4/12/12)
So Coool! Review by Susan - Sydney, Australia
We love the bracelet. My 6 year old son wears it with pride and so easy for him to take off & on. He thinks is it sooooo cool with his skull & crossbone bracelet!
Love the adjustable band.
We had an issue with the first band as the skull & crossbones weren't clear but this was resolved with no trouble and replaced immediately.
Thanks so much, would definately recommend.
(Posted on 2/28/12)
very satisfied Review by Heather
My son loves his new bracelet. He's very happy with the fit, the style and the look of it. It's great to be able to have a medical ID bracelet that he feels suits his personality & style and activity level. With the extra length on the bracelet, it would be helpful to have a band to slide it under so that it doesn't have to be clipped. It tends to get caught on things. (Posted on 2/4/12)
LOVE!!! Review by Kelsey
We LOVE this Medical ID Band!! This is the first one that my 2 year old doesn't mind wearing. We have people tell him how cool it is all the time, and I think the attention is part of why he loves his bracelet! He even asks to put it on as we are getting ready to leave. We also recieved it in the mail unbelievably fast. Will definitely be buying more in the future. Thank You! (Posted on 12/19/11)
good Review by Rachel
this is a great bracelet for those stubborn boys! (Posted on 12/16/11)
great Review by Rachel
great product for the 'tween' years and beyond! (Posted on 12/16/11)
love it Review by Angela
These are great, my son loves these interchangeable bands. The selection is good and the price is very reasonable. The slider is easy to move from one to the other. (Posted on 10/9/11)
Great Bracelet! Review by Lori
My son loves his new bracelet! Love the adjustable band. Love that it is engraved with his name and allergies. Cute print...he loves the skulls : ) Seems sturdy and Love the Price. very fast service, received mine in 4 days!! Definately will tell others about this product! (Posted on 9/4/11)
Repeat Customer Review by Cecily
This will be the 5th medical bracelet we have bought for our 11 yo son. We bought our first one when he was 3 yo and have had to move several times, thus needing new ids. Also he's grown....alot. My son is not embarrassed to wear these "Cool" bracelets to school/camp/vacations. We will continue to be repeat customers for many more years. Thanks for making "Cool" ID products for our kids. (Posted on 8/23/11)
I love this style and sturdiness Review by Amy Lambert
My child is going to disney with his grandparents. He has asthma and many food allergies. This id will give him, his grandparents and myself confidence that he will receive medical attention if necessary. Thank you for the choices that make this bracelet "cool" for an 11 year old boy. (Posted on 7/27/11)
wonderful! Review by Melanie
I purchased The cool skull bracelet for my 2 yr old and he loves it! It was a bit long, so I got an O ring from a bike helmet and looped it around to adjust it to him. He loves showing off his "pirate" bracelet and doesn't even try to take it off. So happy with it! (Posted on 7/14/11)
Great Piece!! Review by Leticia Mendoza
My son (age 7) was recently diagonsed with Type 1 Diabetes and he is so much involved in sports. His sport of choice for the time being is baseball. With the summer heat and constant sweating and getting wet this bracelet came in handy!! He loves the design and his friends love it too!! This was a great choice for him. As he gets older I'm sure we'll find another bracelet that will suit his style and will win him over as well as make him look cool!! (Posted on 6/14/11)
Good Review by Kim
Got this for my nephew, he loves pirates so he thought this was cool. (Posted on 6/13/11)
Love it! Review by katie
My son loves it! It is durable and can keep up with my busy 6 year old! (Posted on 5/25/11)
Great product Review by Tina
My son first got this medical braclet when he was 3. I was worried he would not want to leave it on. He leaves it alone and has been wearing it 24/7 for a year now. I'm having to reorder one because my phone number has changed. Otherwise it is in perfect shape still! (Posted on 5/18/11)
Love It!! Review by Susan Smith
I was looking for something that the engraving wouldn't wear off and would show up. The first bracelet that we bought somewhere else and had engraved, after a few months, you couldn't even read anymore.

This bracelet, he LOVES,and never takes off, and I don't have to worry about the engraving. I will definitely be back! (Posted on 5/16/11)
My son loves it! Review by Vicky
Both the band and the ID are durable and put up with the abuse of a busy 12 year old. But, even better, he likes to wear them, and makes sure they are on his wrist at all times. Huge improvement from other bracelets that were "lost" and never found...I'd definitely purchase another. (Posted on 4/7/11)
Love it!! Review by Diana
Ok, so i know that these are Children's bracelets but i had to get my first medic alert bracelet when i was in college and i just didn't like how any of the "traditional" bracelets looked. I wanted something that would go with everything and that i could express my unique personality with and i fell in love with this bracelet! It was quirky and i made the alert symbol pink and it was perfect. I have worn it for almost 8 years now and i still love it! when the first one wore out after about 4 years i came back and ordered the same one again because i loved it so much. It is adjustable and fits my wrist perfectly, it doesn't rattle around on my wrist like the traditional bracelets do, it's so comfortable and stays in place so well i forget it's there most of the time! I would recommend this to anyone, i absolutely love it! (Posted on 10/8/10)
My son loves it! Review by Colleen
My 11 year old son loves this medical bracelet! The cool design makes wearing a medical bracelet cool!!! He finds it comfortable and likes that he can put the medical plate on other bands (which he rarely does as this is his favorite one)! (Posted on 10/8/10)
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