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Cable Link Medical ID Bracelet w/Contempo ID

Cable Link Medical ID Bracelet w/Contempo ID

Product Review (submitted on October 14, 2010):
I've had this bracelet for about 6 months now. It is holding up well, looks good without any care, I shower with it and virtually never take it off.

I ordered it so that it wasn't too big; I didn't want it dangling. I followed the instructions for measurement and thought I had enough slack. I was afraid when I first got it that it was too tight; it probably would be for most people and so you might be sure not to measure too closely. The ID Tag, which is like, is flatter than I expected, therefore on my relatively small wrist it is almost as wide as my wrist meaning there is not as much curve in the total length of the bracelet as I thought there would be. It has turned out to be fine, but I wouldn't want it any tighter.

I'm very happy with the quality of the bracelet, the engraving is holding up well, and it still looks good. I got the black tag and have had compliments on it being a "nice" looking med ID.
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