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Red Traditional Medical DogTag

Red Traditional Medical DogTag

Product Review (submitted on June 30, 2012):
The ONLY complaint I have, aside from the need for a med ID at all, is NOT with your product or service. It's the fact that the only place you can get one these days is online. The pharmacy's have "order forms" that offer only expensive "pieces of jewelry" in the form of MedID's. That is if they can find a brochure or bother to look, which was my experience at several pharmacy counters after standing in line for an hour. Some even said "We don't have any or don't know where you could get one." I think this is a horrible rip-off. If a person can't afford a computer or internet access, but needs a simple inexpensive MedID that his/her life may depend on someday, then a source should be readily and quickly available and pharmacists and doctors should be able to provide information and choices without hesitation or blank stares. Doctors have to be informed that this problem exists for some of their patients. Today's conventional so-called "pharmacies" in general, simply don't care.

I Thank God I had a computer and knew how to "search". Public computers are NOT the answer because it's not safe when it comes to entering personal information necessary on payment screens.

I had to dig deep on many websites to discover there weren't any under a starting price of $40. After engraving charges, etc, I would have spent more than my weeks grocery money. I found just what I needed, and quickly at N-Style, and thanks for not ignoring the MedID cost factor for parents with children and people in my financial position.

Maybe your company could be the just the one to stand-up and present doctors with a written sales pitch explaining the problem and encouraging doctors offices and clinics to stock a few of your brochures w/order forms describing the more economical MedID jewelry. Anyone looking for a piece of expensive jewelry that doubles as a MedID will have no trouble finding one or paying for it.

This is probably not the place to speak my mind, but a Med ID is too important not to speak up wherever I can. Glad I found N-Style ID. Your lower priced products are NOT cheap and flimsy. They are well-made and ecomically priced. I will definitely send people your way.
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