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Jelly Bands Children's Medical Bracelet

Jelly Bands Children's Medical Bracelet

Product Review (submitted on October 6, 2011):
Our six year old daughter has severe epilepsy and is autistic. I can't even count the number of medical bands we've been through. The little metal trinket ones break, she always took the thicker chain ones off, the thicker ID inside ones drove her crazy (autism makes her especially sensitive to textures), causing her to throw them away and hide them. This was especially true after being in the water or sand.
Since getting the jelly bracelet, she hasn't complained once. It's super comfortable, adjusts for size easily, and fits like a watch, but more comfortable.

Since we live in FL, she spends most days in water of some kind - the pool, ocean etc. The jelly bands rinse off easily, so sand doesn't stick to them like it can to fabric bracelets. We have a couple, and will definitely be buying more. I would recommend this product for ANY active kid who needs to wear a medical bracelet AND needs it to be comfortable in any condition and resistant to wear and tear.
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