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Medical Alert Necklaces: Jewelry With a Job


Our medical alert necklaces are beautiful examples of ID jewelry with a job. They save your life when necessary and adorn your neck the rest of the time. So they need to look good... and ours do.

Medical necklaces are becoming more popular as wearers discover how versatile they are. Want your wrists free from jewelry? Or maybe you just want to change it up a bit with a medical ID necklace instead of a bracelet.

Whatever the occasion, N-Style ID has dozens of unique medical necklace styles. You can tuck them discreetly under your shirt but we think you’ll want to show them off!

Our Medical ID Necklace Styles

Dog Tag Medical Alert Necklace: Hip and cool, dog tags have marched right out of the military and into our style collection. These fashionable medical ID necklaces come in stainless steel, gold, titanium, and a range of colors.

Rubber Medical Alert Necklace: Bright, playful and so affordable you can own a rubber medical necklace in every color. The heart-shaped pendants are color matched to the bands.

Chain Medical Alert Necklace: A medical alert charm suspended from a chain: functional yet elegant simplicity. Chain necklaces range from casual to chic.