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Lymphedema & Medical Alert IDs

Lymphedema is a condition in which swelling occurs in the arms or legs due to a blockage of lymph fluids. It’s a disorder that may be present at birth (primary lymphedema), but is most often developed following damage to the lymph nodes (secondary lymphedema).

Secondary lymphedema is especially common in cancer survivors: Radiation and surgery can scar or result in the removal of lymph nodes and lymph vessels, which are necessary to move the lymph fluids. If the remaining nodes and vessels in the lymphatic system aren’t able to compensate, then the fluid stops moving through the limbs and a build-up ensues.

Swelling generally begins as fairly mild and barely noticeable. If untreated, however, it can become irreversibly worse until the limb is permanently engorged and the skin is hard and thick. It is extremely important to avoid cuts, infection or unnecessary stress on the affected limb or limbs, which is why it’s advisable for those with the condition to always wear a lymphedema bracelet .

Beyond information about the disorder, a lymphedema identification tag should be engraved with additional medical conditions, such as cancer, and current medications. Wearing a lymphedema bracelet ensures that medical personnel don’t go to the engorged limb for blood pressure readings, injections or blood draws, painful mistakes that can all worsen the disorder.

N-Style ID’s wide selection of medical alert jewelry and interchangeable medical ID tags allows those who suffer from Lymphedema to ensure their safety. The "Contempo" medical identification tags are a perfect fit with a variety of lymphedema bracelets; try the rubber bracelets available in a variety of colors and can easily be adjusted in length to accommodate a swollen arm. The tag also works with the men's steel link and leather bracelets as well as the women’s chainbeaded and bangle bracelets .

Please note, if the lymphedema bracelet will be worn on an arm that suffers from swelling, a loose-fitting style is recommended as to alleviate unnecessary pressure.

Recommended bracelets for Lymphedema

While most N-Style ID bracelets may be purchased with a pink symbol ID, these bracelets will make a great Lymphedema alert bracelet:

Pink Stainless Steel Bangle Medical Bracelet

Cable Link Medical ID Bracelet w/Contempo ID

Cables Medical Charm Bracelet