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    Jelly Pink Kids Medical Bracelet

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Jelly Bands Children's Medical Bracelet

Jelly Bands Children's Medical Bracelet

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Regular Price: $7.95

Special Price: $4.00

Includes free engraving
These Jelly children's medical identification bracelet's are lightweight and LATEX FREE, making them ideal for everyone. All of the Children's Medical ID Bracelets pictured on this page are interchangeable and may be worn with the Slider Medical Tag.

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Regular Price: $7.95

Special Price: $4.00

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I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. When I needed to contact you, I was a bit apprehensive, not having any previous experience with your company, but you completely took care of my situation in a cheerful, conscientious manner. Life can be very stressful when you have a loved one with a chronic condition that requires medical identification. It's so nice to know that there is a company out there that not only cares about making this fun and fashionable, but also durable. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

- Dorene B. from Carbondale, IL

Customer Reviews

Love them Review by Alex
I like that the bands can be switched up with the sliders. My daughter loves having several styles to choose from. Very kid friendly. (Posted on 4/10/14)
great buy Review by Amy
It's so cool that we can switch these bracelets at a low price!!! (Posted on 10/17/13)
great Review by Nichole Martin.
Our daughter recently started having seizures. We wanted a Id for her asap. And that's what we got. Only issue we had was a missing piece to holds the band down. (Posted on 5/9/13)
great purchase Review by shenika thaxter
I got this for my 11year old son who is really small for his age. Helloves the fact that he can mix and match these between his outfits. I love it cuz he loves it. He can wear it while bathing, swimming, and playing sports. And it's a great price. He has every solid color. Great buy (Posted on 5/5/13)
Good but needs a few adjustments Review by Jennifer
I really love the jelly bands for my 7 year old daughter. She was given one a few years back as a christmas gift...the best thus far in my book! I have since ordered multiple colors and replacements because either the little plastic part that holds the end of the band or the plastic piece that fits into the hole to fasten it breaks off. If they came with replacement band holder thingys and all had metal fasteners they would be perfect! (Posted on 4/10/13)
Great, he loves it Review by Melissa
I got the black jelly bracelet for my 9 year old son. The color is great. The feel of the bracelet is great as well. Will be great for his outdoor summer activities. I do need to buy a slider for it because the slider doesn't come off the other kinds of bracelet very easy. And I just bought this one for certain activities. Seems like a lot of trouble to have to switch them back and forth. Had I only bought the jelly bracelets it wouldn't be a problem at all to use the same slider as it would just slide off the end. Great way to keep my kiddo safe. (Posted on 3/28/13)
Pefect Review by Carla
My son picked out the jelly bands first when ordering his medical bracelet. I was thankfuly they were inexpensive and I could order him different colors. (Posted on 1/29/13)
Perfect! Review by Carla
This was the first band my son picked out. I wanted to make sure he picked something that he would wear to worn everyone about his nut allergy. (Posted on 1/29/13)
good band Review by c bellair
My son loves his new band. (Posted on 1/26/13)
I love this bracelet! Review by Ashley
I bought this bracelet for my son when he was just 7 months old. He has Cystic Fibrosis and was starting daycare. I wanted something he couldn't hurt himself with and that would be easy to clean since bacteria is a major issue for people with CF. My son is now 2 1/2. He loves his bracelet! He wears it morning, noon and night and asks for it back if I take it off to clean it. This is a great product. I recommend jelly bands to everyone with a young child with a medical condition. Thanks! (Posted on 12/10/12)
Love them! Review by Peggy
My 4 year old daughter loves them! (Posted on 9/19/12)
Love them! Review by Peggy
My 4 year old daughter loves them! When people see the bracelet they are reminded that she has food allergies. (Posted on 9/19/12)
Great for swimming! Review by Barbara
My 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in May and she loves the bracelet. She weas the jelly band to the pool every day. Doesn't have to worry about it falling off or getting wet! (Posted on 7/12/12)
Pleased Review by Noel Dolan
My daughter was very happy to have a "not itchy" band in a pretty color. She was excited to wear it, and it is no longer a task to get her to do so. (Posted on 7/7/12)
Fantastic summer solution! Review by Benita
My four year old son has epilepsy and severe asthma. I purchased a crystal blue and a royal blue jelly band (he wears two ID's all the time). The bands have been a wonderful summer solution! We spend a lot of time in the water during the hot months and these bands don't cause the irritation that some nylon bands have...and they don't start to smell!! I have recommended them to several parents at the neurologist and pulmonary office already! (Posted on 7/5/12)
Love it Review by Marangely Resto
This was my second time buying it. I love how you guys turned something from necessary to fun. My daughter is allergic to peanuts,but I didn't want to get her those boring stainless steel bracelets. So I got her a pink jelly band her favorite color. Everybody sees the red symbol in the front but the say oh that's different, it's the the standard bracelet. I say no it's even better. My daughter loves it and she has been wearing it for 3 years. Highly RECOMMEND!!!!! (Posted on 6/16/12)
Best for Summer! Review by Jonna
The jelly bands are a must-have for summer activities in the water. My 8-year-old has diabetes and I never have to worry about her when she has her jelly band on! (Posted on 6/1/12)
Perfect Review by Irene Rice
My family is going to Walt Disney World. I purchased the bracelets to put the grandchildren's names and parent's cell numbers on the under side of the bracelet with permanent marker. The kids like them and the parents and grandparents feel much better. The bracelets are just perfect for this. (Posted on 3/17/12)
Loves it!!! Review by Julie
I bought this (with an extra band of different color) for my 7 year-old daughter for Christmas. It is February now and this morning before school she thanked me for it yet again, and said she showed it to her class yesterday for "star day" as one of her favorite Christmas presents. We love how well it holds up and how light and comfortable it is while still being cute. We showed it to a friend at one of our Diabetic meetings who has also bought one, she is older and a long time Diabetic and her mom said they have tried almost everything. I think this is a real winner!!! The one drawback if it is for a younger child is that it is pretty long. It is fine for her but much younger and I think the band will wrap too far around. The jelly portion is 7.5" and with the buckle it is 8" It actually fits around my wrist,although not that great. The metal medical tag looks great and will last us a long time!! Will buy again:) (Posted on 2/8/12)
Perfect! Just what we needed. Review by Beth Novotny
I ordered this for a 2 year old boy who is quite adept at "getting into" everything! He has sensory issues and cannot stand to have anything "hard to wear" on. I was afraid that he would either break the bracelet or it would be too big and keep slipping off. It is the PERFECT size for his little wrist and has adjustment room to boot! It fits so well that he leaves it alone. I feel better knowing that in an emergency this bracelet can speak for him...reliably. (Posted on 1/25/12)
Loved it! Review by Deanna
My daughter loved her pink jelly band, and couldn't wait to wear it. She said it makes her feel more grown-up! (Posted on 12/30/11)
ID Review by jessica
My son wears the ID Bracelets. He loved them! He is only 2 years old and calls it his watch! Many types to chose from!
(Posted on 12/14/11)
adorably cute for the granddaughter Review by Ginger M
I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it.. I like that it can get wet and wont matter.. she is only 6 so we need something that is durable as well.. (Posted on 10/10/11)
love it Review by Angela
great to use the jelly bands in the pool! (Posted on 10/9/11)
best bands out there for kids! Review by Katie
Our six year old daughter has severe epilepsy and is autistic. I can't even count the number of medical bands we've been through. The little metal trinket ones break, she always took the thicker chain ones off, the thicker ID inside ones drove her crazy (autism makes her especially sensitive to textures), causing her to throw them away and hide them. This was especially true after being in the water or sand.
Since getting the jelly bracelet, she hasn't complained once. It's super comfortable, adjusts for size easily, and fits like a watch, but more comfortable.

Since we live in FL, she spends most days in water of some kind - the pool, ocean etc. The jelly bands rinse off easily, so sand doesn't stick to them like it can to fabric bracelets. We have a couple, and will definitely be buying more. I would recommend this product for ANY active kid who needs to wear a medical bracelet AND needs it to be comfortable in any condition and resistant to wear and tear. (Posted on 10/6/11)
Excellent for small wrists Review by Phyllis
We have ordered and used jelly bands for about 4 years. My daughter is now 6. We've tried a number of different types of bands but these are STILL the best bands available for small wrists! We trim off some of the band so there is not so much excess. The trimmed end does not unravel or irritate in any way. We are often asked by doctors, parents, and children where we find these bands. Everyone agrees that finding a good alert bracelet for children is difficult. We're lucky that we found these early on in our hunt. (Posted on 10/4/11)
love it! Review by jen
i bought this for my 3 year old daughter for preschool. it made me feel more secure that she was wearing my phone number on her. love how it's so light and waterproof. (Posted on 9/14/11)
These are great for kids. Review by Kathy
These are the best bracelets for kids. The can be worn at all times. Do well in water. My daugher loves the fun designs. Last 2-3 months then need to change them out. (Posted on 9/10/11)
Totally durable Review by Mary Budde
The jelly bands are great, even for an active 10 year old boy. My son wears his medical alert bracelet all the time now that he has the jelly bands in several colors. It holds up with swimming, baseball, tennis and basketball. (Posted on 9/9/11)
Great Review by Rose
My granddaughter loves these bands, she likes to change to match with her clothes. This is very easy to do with the slider ID tag. I will order again, order was very timely. (Posted on 9/9/11)
Great product Review by Kristen
My daughter loved the bracelets. The only caution I would give, is upon opening the clear jelly bracelets, I actually clipped off part of the end with a scissors. Also, One of the pieces has since fallen out of the package, and because the pieces are small and clear in color, we were unable to find it. So, be careful when opening!. Otherwise, very cute!!! (Posted on 8/18/11)
Great for active kids in the pool or running the grounds! Review by Christina
I bought 2 bands for my son along with the slider. He loves them both and loves changing between the flames and his red jelly braclet! I love that he can still wear his medical allergic braclet even while swimming, especially with all his allergies!
Thanks for thinking of all kids no matter what activity they are participating in!!! (Posted on 8/10/11)
Love the band! Review by Brianna
I bought this as the extra band for my daughter's ID bracelet. She loves them both, and likes to switch between. It is very easy to get the ID part on and off to change. This band is actually my favorite one. I did have to trim the band some because it was a little long for her wrist (she's 5). This was not a problem at all, just trimmed it with normal scissors. We plan to buy several more colors and the price is great! (Posted on 7/25/11)
just like a watch Review by Beth
I purchased the blue jelly band for my 8 year old daughter who LOVES blue right now anyway :). I got the Red slider b/c I am a firm believer in staying true to the red medical identifier yet she can change out the bands to her mood. And she can put in on herself like a watch. Great job! (Posted on 7/22/11)
Cute! Review by Rebecca Call
This bracelet is very cute and colorful. I like it because it doesn't stay wet like other fabric bands. (Posted on 7/1/11)
Awesome for the pool Review by Erin
THis is my daughters favorite of all her bands! It is small and fits her like a watch. What a great way to keep her safe at the pool. I love how all the bands are interchangable. I bought one of each band style so she can interchange them with her outfits. They work great! The jelly bands are perfectly thin and go with everything! (Posted on 6/12/11)
bands Review by Elizabeth
they are for my little girl, and she loves them. they stand up to her playing, and they come in great colors. I also got them very fast too. (Posted on 5/13/11)
Great band Review by Jessica
My daughter received this to wear interchangeably with one of the Ultra Light bands. She seems to really like it a lot. Thanks for the wonderful, FAST service! (Posted on 5/11/11)
just love the jelly bands Review by helene mastrodicasa
My granddaughter just loves them.....she just turned 7 and has Juvenile Type 1.

Keep up the good work.


Helen (Posted on 5/10/11)
Really great! Review by Diana Dessy
The jelly band is really great because it has enough holes for the buckle to fit on even a small child's wrist. It is great for the upcoming summer swimming field trips that my son will be going on. The color choices of the bands are fun. The slider tag is just the right size, and I like that the engraving is on the back (Posted on 4/28/11)
Fantastic value for toddlers Review by Vicky
I purchased these just for playtime and some a bit more expensive for other times, we have found them to be durable and fun for an active toddler. She loves wearing them and they also fit the smallest of wrists too.

(Posted on 4/26/11)
Great for kids and stylish, too! Review by Kimberly Roberson
My 9 year old son picked this out as a replacement for his old cloth band. It is stylish for a child his age and very durable. My only complaint would be that the tab that the excess strap tucks into moves around causing it to come undone and flop around quite frequently. It's just another thing that "Mom" has to remind him to fix. A minor detail. Otherwise, it's a great item. (Posted on 3/24/11)
Great Product Review by Jennifer
My 4 1/2 year old has been using the same crystal violet jelly band for about 18 months. We did have the same problem as another reviewer in that our "loop" that holds the end down did break within about 6 months; however a quick fix for us was a small matching purple ponytail holder that we looped twice on the band. That's held us ever since. We are very pleased with the product and are ordering another band. After 18 months the plastic is starting to crack around the "hole" we use daily. The bracelet is still working great, we just want to be ready the day the band finally breaks. Highly recommended! (Posted on 1/16/11)
Has a fault Review by Lou
My son is type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed and began wearing the jelly bracelet nine months ago. We are on our fourth "loop" that holds the end of the band down. They keep breaking. I am considering taking it to a jeweler to see if they can put a metal loop on it because I like the durability of the band. Just not the loop. (Posted on 12/18/10)
Good product overall Review by LittleLupie
Be careful with the bands that have plastic fasteners- I purchased two jelly bands that broke within 2 days that had plastic fasteners, the ones I purchased with metal have lasted a really long time. I like that they are completely waterproof so it's not as uncomfortable as the nylon ones after swimming/showering. I highly recommend this product with metal fasteners! (Posted on 12/16/10)
Another Great Product! Review by Kelly
My daughter is Type 1 diabetic. She has to wear an ID bracelet at all times. I love that these come in so many different styles and colors. She is able to match her bracelet to her outfit. They are very durable and well made. She loves them! Thanks so much for great products. I recommend them to all my diabetic friends!! (Posted on 10/19/10)
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