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Medical ID Tags

Medical ID Tags

Only N-Style ID offers so much variety in medical ID tags... a shiny selection of styles, shapes and colors. Our unique interchangeable system lets you purchase one tag and match it up with as many different bands as you want! So you can create new looks every day for very little extra cost.

The medical ID tags you see on this page come in 4 different designs to choose from: Contempo, Wave, Sport and Slider tags. Each was created with a special purpose in mind.

4 Designs to Suit Your Style

1. Contempo Medical ID tags are a favorite among women and teens. They’re available in stainless steel and 14k gold. This is the tag we recommend you use with any of our beaded, chain, braided leather and rubber medical bracelets. Or, if you choose to create your own designer bracelet, Contempo tags are the perfect choice because they attach so easily and look great with anything.

2. Wave Medical ID tags have a unique twist design and are a little bigger than the Contempo. People with wider wrists prefer this style.

3. Stainless Steel Slider tags go well with our children’s medical ID bracelets (Jelly Bands, Ultra Lights) and our Nylon Velcro bands.

4. Stainless Steel Sport ID tags are perfect paired with our Brawny and Velcro bands and the wide 2-in-1 leather bracelets.

Order the medical ID tags of your choice from the selection below. Or see how they look when attached to bracelets and straps by checking out our full line of Medical Alert Bracelets.