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  • Fire Prevention Week

    firefighters-fire prevention month-2October 9 through 15 is Fire Prevention Week. The goal is to prevent house fires, which are a sad and tragic occurrence each winter. By helping bring attention to fire prevention, including promoting the installation of smoke detectors and teaching people what to do in case of a fire, many lives can be saved.

    Each year the National Fire Protection Association selects an area of focus for the week. This year it is Continue reading

  • You Can Do It

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    It’s already October – the month that kicks off the holiday season each year. While you’re gearing up for some ghoulish fun, there are some important things going on for Breast Cancer Awareness month.


    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time set aside to help spread awareness about this disease, especially the topic of detection. Many communities have events centered on helping women gain access to diagnostic tools during this time – a great way to promote early detection.

    While we are still trying to understand cancer, we have made leaps in detecting and treatment. Your doctor, local cancer society and community centers are good places to go for information regarding local events like breast cancer screenings.

    Learn more about breast cancer prevention or explore resources

  • Random Act of Kindness

  • It's Go Time! Create an Emergency Go Bag for Your Family

    Since it is National Preparedness Month, we thought we’d talk about creating a “go-bag” for your family. This is a bag that is filled with potentially life-saving essentials. If something happens you’re ready to “go” but you can also “shelter in place” using the items to sustain you.

    • Protein bars and water for 72 hours – enough for your entire family.
    • A first aid kit including emergency first aid instructions.
    • A flashlight, flares, matches and an emergency candle.
    • Crank-operated radio for emergency communications.
    • A backup battery for your cell phone & batteries for your flashlights.
    • Water purifying tablets.
    • Emergency ponchos and blankets.
    • Extra prescription medicine that anyone in your family relies upon.

    These are just a few ideas to get you started. Be creative, think about your family’s unique needs and be sure to get everyone involved – after all, an emergency is truly a whole-family situation!

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