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  • Making Halloween a Treat—Not a Trick—for Your Diabetic Child

    For children with diabetes, Halloween is often a difficult time. Diabetic children must refuse much of the abundant candy being offered to them persistently during the Halloween season. As a result, the holiday can lead to feelings of deprivation for these children. Although Halloween planning for parents with diabetic children can seem daunting, there are many ways to make the holiday a great treat for everyone.

    A wonderful Halloween for you and your diabetic child begins with forming a game plan. Medical ID bracelets are essential to a happy, safe Halloween. If your child doesn’t have medical alert jewelry already, now is the time to get it.
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  • Host a Great Diabetic-Friendly and Allergy-Safe Birthday Party!

    Birthday parties can often be tough for children with diabetes because they usually mean saying no to treats that everyone else is enjoying. However, parties don’t have to be a drag for these kids. Organizing a party that is diabetic-friendly and allergy-safe is simple.

    Begin by organizing your successful party with the invitations. Make a note on the card to parents to please let you know if their child has any allergies or is diabetic. This removes any stress a parent might feel about asking for special attention for their child. Being aware of allergies and diabetes requirements ahead of time also makes your planning easier.
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  • Tips for Dining Out Safely with Food Allergies

    If you or your child has food allergies, you know how difficult it is avoiding allergens while eating out. In recent years, awareness in restaurants and employee training has been improving, but dining out will always remain nerve-wracking for those with food allergies. With careful planning, however, it is possible to truly enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

    Increasing your safety while dining out begins at home. The first step is to know what menu items to avoid. Do research to find out where hidden ingredients lurk. It isn’t obvious, for example, that Caesar dressing includes anchovies or that licorice candy contains wheat. A restaurant employee with the best intentions may inadvertently serve a food containing an allergen. This is why it is important for you to be well informed about foods that may cause an allergy for you or your child.
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  • Back-to-School Medical Alert Bracelets for Every Child’s Style

    The start of the school year usually means outfitting kids with a new wardrobe. Is your child’s medical ID as spiffy as his or her new clothes? Kids are especially conscious of their style and how it reflects their personality. In the wide variety of kids medical bracelets offered by N-Style ID, you are sure to find bracelets to suit your child’s unique character.

    Do you have a child who is wild about sports? N-Style ID has a great selection of medical alert bracelets made with active children in mind. Check out our Sport Kids Medical Bands covered with soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and baseballs. If your kid is into car racing, we even have a Speed Racer Medical ID Band with a design of checkers and race cars. Or perhaps your child wants a bracelet to coordinate with his or her sports uniform. N-Style ID has bands in various colors, including blue, red, purple, pink, and black.
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  • Enter our contest to win a complementary medical ID bracelet!

    Click here to respond to the blog post “Living with food allergies: How to keep your child healthy” to enter to win a free N-Style ID medical alert bracelet.

    Simply leave a comment below the blog describing what your child is allergic to and the creative ways in which you’ve let others know how to keep them safe and you will be entered in our random drawing to receive a complimentary bracelet.

    One winner will be chosen randomly on August 31st and provided with a discount code to use online.

    Good luck!

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