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Fun Alternative Easter Basket and Easter Egg Treats for Children with Food Allergies or Diabetes That Wear Medical ID Bracelets

If your child has food allergies or diabetes, we know that putting together Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts requires some creative thinking because your child may not be able to tolerate the traditionally high-sugar and often-times allergy filled treats that accompany Easter time. Many parents opt to find a variety of options besides chocolate and sugar candy to make the Easter holiday fun for their children despite being deprived of the sugary-treats.

With the holiday just around the corner and a large selection of our Children’s medical ID Bracelets on sale, we thought we’d share some fun and affordable alternatives to stuff Easter baskets and eggs.

We have many of our popular “Ultra-Light & Nylon” children’s bracelets on sale. Normally $15.50, our special March pricing is $7.50. These bracelets, for boys and girls, are perfect for everyday wear. They are made of nylon webbing and adjustable with a plastic center push buckle. They also come with the children's “Slider”  medical ID tag.

Here's a quick look at some of our Children's bracelet's on sale

The “Like” Children’s Medical ID Bracelet

Photo of "Like" Bracelet


Purchase the "Like" bracelet here

“Beating Heart” Children’s Medical Bracelet

Photo of "Beating Heart" Bracelet


Purchase the Beating Heart Bracelet, here

“Catch A Wave” Children's ID Bracelets

Photo of "Catch a Wave" Chioldrebn's Medical Bracelet


Purchase "Catch a Wave" bracelet, here

“Butterfly Kids” Children’s Medical Bracelet

Photo of "Butterfly" Medical ID Bracelet


Purchase "Butterfly" Bracelet, here

“Angel” Children’s Medical Bracelet

"Angel" Medical ID Bracelet


Purchase"Angel" Bracelet, here

Does your child already have an N-Style children's "Slider" medical id tag? If so, check out our huge selection of affordable interchangeable children's  medical bracelets without ID tags. At just $5.95 each they are a perfect treat for Easter Baskets 7 egg hunts. What kid wouldn't love having a bunch of different bracelets for each day of the week?

View all Interchangeable Children's Bands, here.

Ultra-Light Interchangeable Medical ID bracelets Girls


Photo of Interchangeable Medical ID bracelets Boys


Photo of Interchangeable Medical ID bracelets Jelly


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