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4 Reasons you need a medical ID

n-style-medical-alert-id-jewelry-medical-id-jewelry-whyWe’re big fans of medical ID bracelets and medical alert jewelry, but not just because that’s our business. Medical ID jewelry can save lives and alert health care professionals to a patient’s unique medical needs. So today we thought we’d answer a common question that we get asked - “Why do I need a medical ID?” 

1. Reducing treatment errors
When you see a doctor for the first time, they always go over your history and learn about your medical situation. If you are unable to communicate due to an injury or illness, however, you can’t tell your care provider about your medical issues or allergies. This may lead to dangerous errors that could be prevented by a simple medical ID bracelet.

2. Identify unusual medical conditions
If you have a condition that might leave you unconscious or unable to communicate, a medical ID bracelet is a must. Those with unusual medical conditions should also consider wearing one to make it easier for first responders to identify what is wrong and determine how to help. By giving healthcare providers pertinent information up front, you make their jobs easier and improve your chances for recovery.

3. Alerting others to dangerous allergies
Allergies are growing increasingly common, and that means many more people are walking around with a potentially life-threatening condition. By wearing a medical ID bracelet that lists your food allergies, you can cue first responders into the potential cause of illness should you have a reaction. You might also want to include any medications you are allergic to in order to prevent accidental exposure.

4. Alerting first responders to current treatments
Every person’s health care needs are completely unique. As you can imagine, this makes it very difficult for health care providers to always offer the best treatment in every situation. A medical alert ID can tell physicians that you are on blood thinners, taking high blood pressure medicine or that you have a pacemaker. This kind of information is vital to getting the kind of care you need in an emergency situation.

In reality, there are dozens of reasons to consider wearing medical ID jewelry and no reason to resist taking this simple life-saving measure. Fortunately, you are no longer forced to wear unattractive metal bands but can select from dozens of stylish options. Being proactive has never looked so great!

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