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Everything You Need to Know About Companion Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Companion Dogs Everything You Need to Know About Companion Dogs

Companion dogs can play an important role in providing emotional and physical support to their owners, as well as offering tremendous comfort and reassuring company. The relationship that a dog can provide is special and unique as it is loving and deep, yet uncomplicated, consistent and safe from the possibility of rejection. There is extensive research and studies showing the tremendously important impact a companion dog can have. There are also many different reasons that someone might need a companion dog, and much to know before selecting the dog that is right for someone. Here we offer a guide for everything you need to know about companion dogs.

Choosing the Right Dog

While it may seem like many dogs would be great companions, depending on the needs of an individual there are some dogs that are more appropriate then others. For those who are looking for a dog that can provide comfort and emotional support, smaller companion dogs can work very well. If someone has a physical disability such as blindness, hearing loss, injury or other impairment that prevents them from performing certain tasks, a specially trained companion dog can be tremendously helpful. There are also many dogs that can help during the rehabilitation process or in particular settings.

Knowing the Laws and Rights

When you have a companion dog there are many laws and regulations that need to be considered, This is especially true if you need to take the dog in an environment where dogs aren’t normally allowed. It’s also important to keep in mind your rights regarding companion animals to avoid discrimination, particularly when it comes to housing or travel.

Proper Training

It’s important to make sure that your companion dog receives the proper and appropriate training for the skills and activities they need to perform. There are many schools and programs that can help train a dog or where you can find dogs that have already been trained.

How to Behave Around Companion Dogs

If you know someone who has a companion dog or see someone in public with one, it’s important to know how to behave. Keep in mind that the dogs are not like ordinary pets and are working to help their owner, especially if they have a disability. Don’t distract the dog as this can be harmful to the owner, and don’t just speak to the animal and ignore the human that they are with.

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