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Back to School Bracelets

Back to School chalkboard and apple on booksNo more beaches, BBQs or road trips? Oh no! Can summer really almost be over? With all of the fun you’ve been having with the family this summer, it’s hard to imagine that it’s almost time for school again. (Of course, you may be secretly looking forward to a bit of quiet around the house once again. We won’t tell!) So, to help prepare your kids for the coming school year, N-Style ID has plenty of fun, new styles of back to school kids bracelets that will go perfectly with their new school clothes.

As parents ourselves here at N-Style ID, we understand that it can be a bit of a challenge to get kids to wear their medical ID bracelets, that’s why we’ve designed a range of cool and stylish options for your kids that they’ll be excited to wear. We’ve got colorful and lightweight options for girls and boys of all ages. And most of our medical bracelets for kids are interchangeable so they can change up their look throughout the year whenever they want. How cool is that?FireShot Screen Capture #017 - 'Bat-Kid Medical Alert Bands I N-Style ID' - www_n-styleid_com_bat-kid-medical-alert-bands_html

Bat-Kid medical alert bands

One of our most popular back to school medical bracelets, particularly for those who consider themselves fearless superheroes. Made of lightweight nylon webbing, these crime-fighting (or homework-doing) bracelets are adjustable with a plastic center push buckle.

Pink ‘Stache medical ID bracelets

These hilariously silly bracelets are perfect for the joker in your family. The bright pink band is stylishly eye-catching and you can order the slider ID tag in a assortment of colors for a bit of variety.

Camo medical ID band

FireShot Screen Capture #119 - 'Camo Medical ID Band I N-Style ID' - www_n-styleid_com_camo-medical-id-bands_htmlFor those kids who might be looking to sneak back into school unnoticed or plan a fun mission on the playground, this Camo bracelet is the perfect fit.

Dots medical alert bracelets

These colorful bracelets are great for eclectic dressers or kids who like to FireShot Screen Capture #117 - 'Dots Medical Alert Bracelets I N-Style ID' - www_n-styleid_com_dots_htmlmake a splash wherever they go. Adjustable and comfortable for everyday wear, these lightweight bracelets will travel wherever the day takes your kid.

There are plenty more styles to choose from for kids, young adults and grown-ups too. And don’t forget that many of our bracelets are interchangeable so you can mix it up depending on the mood or occasion.

What are your favorite memories of the summer and what are you looking forward to this school year?

2 thoughts on “Back to School Bracelets”

  • Theresa

    Saw this perfect ID at Death of a Pancreas. How do I order engraving on front and back like she has? I like the idea of his name not visible to all weirdos. Thanks!

    • Cheri Bissell

      Hi Theresa,
      Which ID are you wanting to purchase? The only ID we engrave the front of is the Slider ID that goes on the children's bracelets. These would be the ones with the red symbol set to the side. Please call our toll free number if you would like further assistance on this. 877-445-0030

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