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How to Curb Carb Cravings

How to Curb Carb Cravings How to Curb Carb Cravings

When we’re on the go and looking for a quick and sweet pick-me-up, grabbing a pastry or other carb-heavy treat can be very tempting. But for those of us familiar with the sudden post-carb energy crash or looking to better manage our weight because of health concerns like diabetes, we know that finding a way to curb those carb cravings is the key to feeling better and healthier. But for anyone who has tried to ditch carbs and sugars cold turkey, knows that the task can be a difficult one, as those cravings quickly return with a vengeance. Thankfully there are plenty of practical (i.e. not extreme) ways of curbing those cravings. Try these tips to avoid feeling deprived or cranky.

Stock Healthy Snacks

Keep plenty of healthy alternatives to carbs on hand that you can grab when you have a craving. Fresh fruit offers fiber, nutrients and a bit of sweetness for a satisfying and filling fix. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are also great to manage cravings.

Choose Meals That Will Keep You Full Longer

If you haven’t already, start incorporating healthy and filling ingredients into your daily meals that will keep you full and away from the carb crutch. Select high-quality proteins whenever possible in whole food form (i.e. not overly processed), as they will keep you fuller longer. If you eat meat, choose sustainably raised beef, chicken, and fish. And vegetarian or not, look to vegetables, beans, lentils, hummus, avocado, and almond butter as filling options.

Get More Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re body begins instinctively craving carbs for quick energy. Counteract that effect by getting a quality 7 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night.

Find a Support Network

Especially if you are trying to lose weight and curb your c

arb cravings, finding a group of people that understand what you’re going through can be tremendously helpful and empowering. When you feel the cravings coming on, it’s great to be able to call someone who can help you stick to your goals.

Whether you’re looking to curb your carb intake to lose weight, fight diabetes or generally just feel healthier, N-Style ID is here to help you on your journey. What techniques have you found helpful in curbing your carb cravings?

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