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Medical ID Jewelry

  • Fashion Medical ID Bracelets for Women: It’s Not Your Mother’s ID Bracelet

    I was having coffee with a friend the other day when she asked me if I remember ordering an ID bracelet when in grade school. She recounted how excited she was in sixth grade when the school kids were given that opportunity.

    They all poured over the flyer showing a row of the same 10 metal bracelets with different engraved images on the front that were designed to customize each bracelet.

    She mentionWomens_medical_id_braceletsed it because the memory came back to her when she visited the N-Style ID website—and she dug around in her jewelry box and found that bracelet.

    A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis in her family had led her to shop for fashion medical alert bracelets on our website. She said she couldn’t believe the selection and styles. It made her feel, that same excitement she felt in sixth grade, but said that this time she is overwhelmed by the number of choices.

    It’s true that ID bracelets have come a long way over the years. Clicking on the N-Style ID website’s “Women’s” page opens to an array of beautiful medical alert bracelet styles. From feminine and elegant bangles or beads to sporty leather or nylon styles, the options abound for wearing a bracelet with every mood, outfit or activity.

    Our 14 karat gold bangle bracelets are elegant and beautiful.

    A variety of chain bracelets run from delicate single chains to chunky layers of multiple-styled chains.

    Leather or bright cord braided bracelets add to a laid back and fun look.

    Beaded bracelets bring in earthy style and can be worn as casual or dressy.

    All-the-rage charm bracelets meld your medical ID with your favorite charm beads from N-Style ID and from other popular bead-charm collections sold elsewhere.

    Beautiful medical ID bracelets are a hallmark of N-Style ID’s collection. The company was established from the desire to provide medical alert jewelry pieces that are fun to wear.

    My original vision was to help those with conditions requiring medical alert bracelets to have a little less stress about their illnesses. I hope that by providing fashion medical ID jewelry pieces that are stylish and fun we can build some positive associations with wearing a medical alert ID.

    Hearing my friend describe her excitement and anticipation while browsing our website tells me that we just may be having that affect.

    A few days after our conversation, my friend decided to buy a series of interchangeable bands because, she said, these bracelets are also beautiful accessories.

    gold and silver medical ID for women cool medical ID bracelets fashion medical ID bracelet

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    When your child is diagnosed with a chronic illness like diabetes, asthma or cystic fibrosis for example, your world is suddenly like the inside of a snow globe... everything is moving in a flurry of activity and constant change. But eventually, when the fear and panic subside and your child's condition is more or less under control, you as a parent are left with the task of guiding your family's return to "normal" life. Continue reading

  • Apple iOS 8 Now Offers Digital Medical ID Features


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  • Why You’ll Love these Elegant Medical Jewelry

    gold bangle full modelWhen living with major medical conditions, allergies, or while taking medications, medical IDs provide medical personnel with vital information that’s critical to your personal health. However, medical IDs are often unattractive, causing you to choose between style and your medical information. This doesn’t have to be the case with N-Style ID’s fashionable medical bracelets.

    Our vast selection of pretty medical bracelets offer a stylish and contemporary look to compliment your appearance, while providing important medical information. Each bracelet contains your crucial medical information that’s engraved in a creative medical ID.

    Among the most popular of N-Style ID’s designs is the 14K Bangle Yellow Gold Medical ID Bracelet. The beautiful medical bracelet adds sophistication to your medical information with a permanently attached medical tag. With this subtle, yet stunning bracelet, First Responders will have the information they need during an emergency.

    FireShot Screen Capture #487 - 'Rolo Gold Medical Charm Bracelet I N-Style ID' - www_n-styleid_com_rolo-gold-medical-charm-bracelet_html Rolo Gold Medical Charm Bracelet

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  • Ultimate Holiday N-Style ID Gift Guide

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