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  • Why Switch to an Insulin Pump?

    Camille-CreditStrotzPhotography-lowresNote: Camille was the inspiration for the development of N-Style ID in 1999. Camille is my daughter and when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 10, we tried to find a medical ID bracelet that would look fashionable instead of institutional. Our search turned up only a few options and none of them were stylish. That is when I started making medical ID jewelry for kids and adults to be proud to wear. I hope you enjoy all of the fashionable medical ID jewelry we provide.



    At 28, Camille says she is feeling the healthiest she has ever been and she is very in tune with her body. Camille has Type 1 Diabetes. About 5 months ago, she decided to try using an insulin pump, and she says it a huge improvement over giving herself shots. “It is so much easier to control my blood sugar with the pump,” said Camille.

    An insulin pump is a small computerized device that adheres to the skin and injects insulin into the fatty tissue. Insulin is delivered in steady measured doses called the basal rate. When needed, a surge (or bolus) dose can be made—usually around mealtime.

    Continue reading

  • Health Tip: Heat Exhaustion

    It's summer and that means more people are spending time outside. While you probably already know to guard against sunburn, you may not have thought to be on the lookout for heat exhaustion. This dangerous condition occurs Continue reading

  • Health Tip: CPR

    CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, and it is a concept that is far older than most people think. In 1740 the Paris Academy of Sciences recommended mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for drowning victims. In 1891 Dr. Friedrich Maass used chest compressions on a human, but it wasn’t until 1903 when Dr. George Crile successfully used this intervention.

    Now we rely on CPR as an emergency method of saving lives while waiting for medical help to arrive. But, how do you know when to use CPR? Continue reading

  • Fashion Medical ID Bracelets for Women: It’s Not Your Mother’s ID Bracelet

    I was having coffee with a friend the other day when she asked me if I remember ordering an ID bracelet when in grade school. She recounted how excited she was in sixth grade when the school kids were given that opportunity.

    They all poured over the flyer showing a row of the same 10 metal bracelets with different engraved images on the front that were designed to customize each bracelet.

    She mentionWomens_medical_id_braceletsed it because the memory came back to her when she visited the N-Style ID website—and she dug around in her jewelry box and found that bracelet.

    A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis in her family had led her to shop for fashion medical alert bracelets on our website. She said she couldn’t believe the selection and styles. It made her feel, that same excitement she felt in sixth grade, but said that this time she is overwhelmed by the number of choices. Continue reading

  • Health Tip: Summer Safety for Kids

    Many school districts end their year by mid-May, which means a lot of kids end up with some free time on their hands. Even if your children know how to stay safe, it helps to remind them and reinforce safe habits. Here are some safety tips to help kick summer off on the right foot this year: Continue reading

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