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  • Celebrate safety with National Safety Month

    national-safety-month-juneLife is full of risks, some of them we can’t do much about. Other risks, however, can be prevented with a little knowledge and planning. June has been designated as National Safety Month focusing on ways to reduce some of the leading causes of injuries and death. 

    Every year the National Safety Council looks at some key topics to promote during the month. This year the focus is on reducing falls, reducing fatigue, looking at the importance of ergonomics and how to respond if you’re in an active shooter situation. The idea is to give people the knowledge they need to make good decisions and reduce the likelihood of accidents that lead to injuries or even death. Continue reading

  • Don't forget to thank a nurse!

    nurseblog-webWe love nurses. Everyone’s life is touched by a nurse at some point, from helping usher new family members into the world to caring for us in our time of need. This is why we want to encourage everyone to thank a nurse in honor of National Nurses Week (May 6th -12th).


    It seems like it would be easy to get official recognition for a holiday to celebrate and appreciate nurses, after all, they work tirelessly to improve the lives those in need. But it took nearly 20 years from the first proposal in 1953 to February of 1974 when President Nixon issued a proclamation making National Nurse week official. Continue reading

  • Health Resolutions to Make in 2017

    n-style-medical-alert-id-jewelry-journal-blgWe know, you’re probably tired of resolution talk at this point. After all, many resolutions go out the window before January is over! This time around, however, why not vow to make 2017 your healthiest ever. We’re not talking about losing weight either, but about taking preventative measures that can help you ward off serious illness for years to come.

    Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons Why Gastric Bypass Patients Need a Medical Alert Bracelet

    gastric-bypass-medical-alert-braceletGastric Bypass Patients Need a Medical Alert Bracelet

    Did you know that those who have undergone gastric bypass should be wearing a medical alert bracelet? It's true - and we're listing the reasons why here.

    You never know when an emergency can happen, and that's why we want to try to be as prepared as possible.  Continue reading

  • Food Allergies Awareness During Holiday Meals

    peanuts-food-allergies-medical-alert-jewleryAre you gearing up for some holiday fun? If you’re like most people, you’re preparing for a lovely Christmas dinner and perhaps some pre-holiday parties. You might not know it, but you probably have a few names on your guest list that have a medical issue that impacts your plans – food allergies! Continue reading

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